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Youth Plan

They say that a person who has the courage and the guts and mental strength rises from the ashes. That is what is known for Phoenix, also down and out, he rose from the dead. Modern history has a lot of cases in which ordinary people and nations have risen from the dead, after the […]

Why was the Declaration of Independence are written

This was the case with dog injured or endangered the sheep itself, the equation of the British American colonies and the British imperial government. The colonies were first thought was under the impression that they are British citizens and must not be discriminated against. They should also be protected by British and by the government. […]

When the Titanic sinking

It is some years since I Gloria Stuart dialogue as she begins telling her story about the “unsinkable” ship “Titanic” and how he described him as the ship of dreams to remember. People used to say that the Titanic such a vessel that God would not be able to sink it was. But we all […]

What were the Articles of Confederation

U.S. Constitution – which is now considered the supreme law of the United States, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States before the Constitution? While states in favor of this written agreement have been, was some of the most important terms weaknesses of the federal disaster for the nation as a whole. At the […]

What was the great compromise

Senate and House of Representatives, which now seems to be so synchronized and merged well in the entire United States system, not just the fact that a few centuries back. In fact, it was a lot of friction between the concept of the two and the representation of these two. He came to the Connecticut […]

Unique connection between AA and Handsome Lake

There is a relationship between the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and Handsome Lake, Seneca tribal spiritual leader famous? The answer is probable. Code of Handsome Lake tells the story of how Handsome Lake, a religious leader and prophet, was himself an alcoholic. In fact, he found himself close to death because of health conditions associated with […]

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Facts

Almost every country in the world is the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Details of this grave in the history of the symbolic grave come, and if I understood what it means that we can understand better. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a national monument in many countries, a reminder of the death of […]

The Treaty of Versailles Summary

Europe was the center of the 1 World War II. Most of the great powers fought a war against each other. There were two camps during the war, namely the Allied Powers and Central Powers. NATO has also announced the Entente. How many up to 70 million soldiers were part of the war. More than […]

Tariff of 1816

Tariff of 1816 was the first protective tariff in U.S. history, which was introduced in 1816 to protect American industries from the threat, from relatively cheap foreign imports Delete. to pay the federal government finally to the outstanding debt of the Nation -. In this example, the rates were largely imposed as a revenue measure […]

Summer solstice celebrated history

Early history and celebrated probably before the summer solstice was by various cultures in different ways. Although technically on a date is summer solstice, the day is often celebrated just in general, 21 June, and is also called “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, in some cultures. Solstice itself occurs when the Earth axis inclination is more inclined […]

Siege of Vicksburg

It’s hard to believe now, those centuries ago, the United States ever more united, there were two armies, the two channels of thought – the army of the States in the South and the rest of the American army. There was a time in Southern slave states from seemingly prosperous North Rose, declared their secession […]

Russo-Japanese War

Let us consider the situation from a prospective military strategy, the Russo-Japanese cases, important strategic locations on the map. If at any atlas of the eastern Russian coast, the Pacific View is reached, you will notice that the Sea of ​​Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula, there are countless places where prominent trade ports and military […]

Prohibition of alcohol and went to the underworld

When looking at the “Roaring Twenties” in the U.S., the ban is probably relevant and interesting facet of this period in the history of the nation. Based on the was urged by some as “noble experiment” of alcohol prohibition in the U.S. before the temperance leagues in the nation, and finally by the federal government […]

Permian-Triassic Extinction

Perm, also known as the great dying is an event that took place somewhere around 250 million years old. Geologists and environmental scientists call the Permian Triassic, the mother of all extinction events, which lasted on earth ever. This natural disaster caused the extinction of marine species and 95% to 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species. […]

Neutrality proclamation

A widespread phenomenon in international diplomacy and politics is the position of neutrality. This essentially means that the nation choose a similar proclamation to stay neutral, make and the process does not wish to participate in a war directly or indirectly, although several neutral nations do not provide support for the belligerent nations to make […]

Missouri Compromise of 1820

Decades before the territory of Missouri asked the Congress for access to the Union as an independent state, slavery was a question of quotas in the United States of America. taken place since the revolution, the country, although the number has increased 13 to 22 States always insisted that the balance between free states and […]

Mayan Calendar forecasts

Increasing the number of groups around the world survive the Apocalypse and 2012 countdown clocks in cyberspace, speaks volumes about the popularity of the whole concept of the apocalypse or the end of the world. Current phenomenon of millions of birds and fish die in different parts of the world, existing only doomsday myths and […]

Madness, a form of legal defense

Insanity is a general term for mental disorder and anxiety disorders are affective disorders such as schizophrenia and personality disorders. A major dispute over the centuries is regarding the controversial issue of insanity in court. How should I as a person who is mentally disturbed and who commits a crime to be treated? If the […]

Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences

List of common things between the 16th U.S. Presidents – Abraham Lincoln, and 35 President of the United States – John F. Kennedy, is quite impressive. But is it possible for so many similarities that exist between two individuals? While some people think these similarities are signs that Abrahan Lincoln reincarnated as John F. Kennedy […]

Humpty Dumpty-style illustrations and deeply felt emotions

Sometimes it feels almost too much like the grim reaper art work, and I want to run it. I would sometimes Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall. I can not. The overwhelming presence of something that is can not control. As an artist painting emotions, fairies illustrations or beautiful women, it often feels like drowning. […]

History of ships

Steamboat is an important part of the industrial revolution; the 18th during the Century has been adopted. The roots of the idea of ​​the ships back to the invention of the steam engine inventor James Watt, who has been tested successfully, be traced back in 1769. Watt system, a steam engine train run, the move […]

Genghis Khan Quotes

Mongol Genghis Khan was manager in 1162 (approximately) was born. Although he referred to as Genghis Khan in the vernacular, was the maiden name Temujin Borjigin. Genghis Khan came to power by winning support from the nomadic tribes in the north-east Asia. Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous empire, and he […]

Everyone, when he was a victim?

When I looked in the mirror this morning, sees a victim back to me. No, not that I unfortunate target of a killer, but in the sense that future violations could be explained away from me by some of my past events. With this definition, I would be a victim. We should celebrate more uncomfortable […]

Dawes Plan

Immediately after the First World War, was a plan by the Dawes Commission, chaired by Charles G. Dawes was. It was called the Dawes Plan. It was formed as a sign of the negotiations between American and German governments. It was a kind of arrangement in which it declared that Germany would be, who would […]

History of Black Month Facts.

Black History Month commemoration of significant events is achievements of African-American population of the United States. This tradition has marked its official beginning in 1976. It is celebrated in February in the United States of America. It celebrates the historic events of 1915, abolished the thirteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution slavery in the United […]

A letter to Hunter S. Thompson (excerpt)

“A plague is not a man-made.’s Why we say that this is only one level of mind, a bad dream that will happen but does not move and a nightmare plague over to another person.” -Albert Camus the plague Yes. Crystal meth, shards, ice … they are made by people, not human activity. A plague […]

A journey through the mountains Barat

I was visited mountain on the edge Barat Alkham AlRub for a period of five years. This is not such a long time if we think in terms of relationships with places and people. But it seems to get along with each other. Strike in the past used brown and dusty, Barat without rain, but […]