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Reasons of Late Marriages Especially in Pakistan

Marriage has been an important institution of human society. Man cannot survive in isolation without a partner and wishes to be lasting after leaving the world. So, personal human life has to pass through certain phases and marriage is one of them. Different cultures take and deal this phase in different ways. There have been […]

Promises and affirmations

An affirmation is called a statement or phrase that signifies something personal to you and conveys a desire that you may like to realize. It would be always a great way to come up with a few positive affirmations and promises to use on a daily basis. It could be anything like, I am a […]

Money talks

If you are going for a shopping, you humbly stop at the traffic signal with all the other cars slowing down around you, suddenly, silver; shining Mercedes whizzes pass at breakneck speed. All eyes inevitably turn to behold and admire the vehicle while cursing under their breath that no rules apply to the rich in […]

Human Rights Abuses

Islam in the 7th century set forth public and private rights in a codified form on the basis of which a modern social welfare state could be established.Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) presented the concept of human rights in his celebrated last farewell address. He laid emphasis on the equality of all men before […]

Saving a Marriage

Are you and your wife going through a hard period? At this stage you ought to know that how to save this marriage. Sometimes both the partners think that there is no attraction to live together or move further with same routine life because they feel to lose the real spark of love and romance. […]

The best age to be

Man is discontented by nature with whatever he has. This is the reason we hear a lot of people complaining about their present age. Old people wish they could be young again; young people look towards their childhood with longing. But instead of being sad and regretful, one needs to find out the best things […]

Symbols of identity

Money, they say, doesn’t buy happiness. And yet most people seem to run after it. The pursuit of wealth, rising levels of consumerism and focus on economic gains from marriages are issues that they have been debated and researched to death. It is interesting to explore why people are attracted to wealth the status symbols, […]

Reality about single women

 To be a single, a women and living alone in Pakistan mean you have to be equipped with a strong sense of humor and oodles of patience to be able to survive the every day looks of pity mixed with suspicion. Ours can be a cruel society which is just not geared for singleness as […]

Money talks

If you are going for a shopping, you humbly stop at the traffic signal with all the other cars slowing down around you, suddenly, silver; shining Mercedes whizzes pass at breakneck speed. All eyes inevitably turn to behold and admire the vehicle while cursing under their breath that no rules apply to the rich, in […]

Recovering from Death grief

Death is a universal reality; one has to acknowledge it and prepare to take it as a normal course of human existence. It is somehow terrifying and we are highly afraid of being thinking about it in our normal life. We avoid to even talking about it because we find it most disturbing element to […]

Dual Nationality or 2nd Passport

The recent crisis has struck some stable countries like USA and a majority of European Union. The great recession is ongoing everywhere and it has switched over many options to survive. The economic stability is the basis any country’s economy. The high prices of oil and food stuff have tended people to think otherwise. No […]

Anger and Teenagers

Anger is a very serious and common emotional problem being faced by a lot of parents. The teenagers are seen to show an attitude which usually disturbs the parents to endure. Teenage is a time when a lot of changes are occurring, physically, emotionally and intellectually in an individuals mind. The parents find a drastic […]

Women feel unsafe

The latest subject of discussion among women these days is not corruption, but of feeling unsafe. The recent spate of violent crimes against women’s in the national capital has got various women’s organizations and NGO’s up in arms. They are knocking at the doors of home ministry personnel. A survey conducted of women aged 18 […]

Should we give money to beggars ?

The visitors to our country will not take long to comment on the numbers of beggars who crowded the streets of the town or press into one’s courtyard with urgent appeals of charity. Many of them are sad spectacles,   suffering from loss of member or some horrible disease or injury. Such person’s, one feels, cannot […]

Life in village

The villagers are very simple and straightforward people. They lead a simple, happy and contented life in their own way, which is quite unlike to our modern city life. Their houses are different from houses in big cities. They are mud-plastered, except for a few that are made of red brick. Most of the lanes […]

White lie is a innocent lie ?

A lie is the completing of what we know to be false with intention to deceiver. Note the two elements. A novel is not a lie for though it is fiction, it doesn’t meant to mislead, the ancient teaching that the earth was flat was not a lie because it was not then known to […]

Why street crimes are common in our society ?

Street crimes are so familiar in our society even a child of 8 or 9 years can tell us about these crimes but the question arrives here that why these crimes are frequent in our society, why these crimes became a part of our lives? Why? The snatching mobile phones from men, grabbing a purse […]

What is the natural age of marriage ?

Physiologists and medical men might differ in their views if asked to state the age at which man or woman arrives at full growth and maximum strength. In certain public schools of England boys of sixteen are not allowed to take part in long races, or in public competitions against other schools on the ground […]

Cable culture is destroying our youth

Now a day’s cable television has become a need of every household. It is grow to be very much fashionable and popular among every person of house. Even no body can live without it. The VCR and Dish Antenna was source of entertainment in the past days but now they are old-fashioned and obsolete for […]

Are we happier than our forefathers ?

In our modern age, we have comfortable homes, fine schools, railways for fast travel, motor-cars, telephones and mobiles, televisions and cinemas, books and medical services. Yet it cannot be said that we are always happy. In fact, modern life is a hard competition with much mental strain and worry since man became a city resident. […]

Almighty ALLAH helps those who help themselves

Every child knows the old story of the carter whose cart stuck in the mud, and who prayed to Hercules a god of strength, to get it out for him. Hercules answered the prayers with, put your own shoulder to the wheel, man. The carter took the advice and he and his bullocks got the […]

Why girls get professional education?

We the Pakistani nation, is a nation who loves their culture and customs. And we are really admirer of our culture and customs and follow these customs with love and prosperity. Every typical Pakistani knows about Pakistan and its different cultures of several ethnic or tribal areas. Every tribal area has their own values and […]

The celebrities pay off the price of publicity

When an ordinary man or woman becomes a star or celebrity, their lives suddenly change and most of celebrities seem to be fed up of this situation. Living as a celebrity is not as easy task as we think about it. It isn’t a life of dreams yet it’s also a way of difficulties and […]