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Environmental Changes

Environment is a wider term than the surrounding and includes living and non living creatures making a community. In other words it cannot be taken as a small surrounding place rather it constitutes the sharing term for the creatures living on the planet. Like other factors, environment on the earth also evolved gradually. With the […]

Wholesale Plastic Bags

Handbags wholesale of plastics are very good now common in many industries. Even with a lot of environmental problems due to face all vinyl products developed and discarded, with more and more companies doing business with the plastics industry. Plastic bags can be used for various purposes. Given this need, companies are able to provide […]

Plastic Bags

We cannot ignore the burning issue of environmental pollution. It is very important for us, the use of recyclable materials are products that can reduce exacerbate the contamination of the mothers earth. A substance that plastic bag polluters is more important. Plastic bags we get where we are going to grocery stores and clothing stores […]

Use of plastic bags is harmful

Every once in a while the government here passed an order to prohibit shop owners from providing plastic bags to customers for making their purchases with little lasting effect. Plastic bags are very popular with both retailers and consumers because they are cheap, strong, light, functional and hygienic means of transport food and other goods. […]

Is Polycarbonate harmful?

Poly carbonate, otherwise known as brand name Lexan. They are widely used in modern chemical industry, where they can be easily processed and molded into different shapes and can also form a thermoplastic. They show a high capacity heat resistance, impact resistance and optical properties. They are not classified separately in a position their property, […]

Global Warming

Global warming is the greatest threat of the new age existence. Man has paved the way of disaster for himself without knowing that his greed can lead to destroy this world badly. The presence of natural life in its purest form is the essence of God gifted universe. The unlimited production of chemical stuff and […]

Sustaianable Development And The Enviornment

It is defined as “The development which meets the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.” It provides the idea that a process by which people satisfies their needs in a way that future generation will not be affected. It is a process by which people […]