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We cannot ignore the burning issue of environmental pollution. It is very important for us, the use of recyclable materials are products that can reduce exacerbate the contamination of the mothers earth. A substance that plastic bag polluters is more important. Plastic bags we get where we are going to grocery stores and clothing stores to buy them almost anything. By far we are aware of the problem of plastic recycling. Therefore, we cannot just throw them away to increase further contamination, Here comes the problem of storage of these bulks of plastic bags. Well, it is an attractive option available to you as holding a plastic bag!

A plastic bag holder is helpful to reduce the clutter of plastic bags. It can be hung anywhere. Pockets in the plastic bag holder can be stored for various household applications, such as cat food and store more things that are not used in action. You want to place your support plastic bag in a visible part of your house; you would an attractive model plastic bag holder. Do not you? Well, surprisingly, you can create your own attractive plastic bag holder on its own and also do this with the fewest resources.

How do I create a plastic bag holder?

It may be plastic bag holder pattern with different materials. The idea is attractive and useful to make holders for the storage of bags. You can make different things attractive plastic holders. For example, if you know can decorate embroidery, then your bag simple plastic holder with some of his artistic designs. It can also be a simple crochet pattern plastic bag holder if he / she is aware of crochet patterns and techniques. Well, here are some tips for you to learn how to make a plastic bag holder.

Plastic Bag Holder Model # 1

You might be surprised, but you can actually mount a plastic bag with an empty liter of milk! All you need is a hole on top of the pitcher and a slightly larger hole at the bottom. Take reusable bags and roll it around the fingers, according to the folding length. Now just let fall in an empty milk jug. You can easily choose number of bags from the other side of the jug. If desired, decorate the plastic bag holder, wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers, cartoons, or material, as well! So it was easy to make plastic bag holder, milk jug to?

Plastic Bag Holder Model: # 2

Dish cloth,

Materials needed

Pins and needles

Matching thread

¼ inch ribbon 1 yard

Elastic, 2 meters

Scissors, pencil and ruler

Sewing machine


Cut a piece of elastic so that it is only a little more than half the width of the fabric measures. You can check to make sure that it is along the width of the cloth before cutting. If you find it difficult to lie, then you may have a bearing elastic.

Now put the towel on a table, so that the outside should be on the table. Draw straight line on one end of the towel. You must repeat the same with the other side of the cloth, too.

Create a point in the middle elastic band that you previously cut off. Then you put the elastic in the towel, where they drew the line. Make sure the elastic is ½ inch over the edge of the cloth left. Now marked the center pin of the elastic to the midpoint of the line you drew on the towel.

Insert the remaining end of the elastic on the side of another towel. Make sure that about ½ inch elastic outer edge of the towel is left, just like you before. Now, every point counted elastic strain and struck him in the towel, so it stays in place while sewing. You can use a bright thread, so they are clearly visible.

Now is the time to use the sewing machine stitching and elastic towel. Stretch elastic at the side seam and add even zig-zag and center, and the remaining process towel Do not forget to start and finish back stitches.

Now or long towel, so that both rescues come together and hang them in place to hold. Stitch a line ½ inch at one end of the wires in another substance. Remember at the beginning and end of lock stitch.

As soon as you sew, iron ends and a new line from inside to outside, so that the original “Off” is making now visible. Now cut an 8-inch piece of ribbon and loop shape, by folding it in half. Tight loops sewn in the middle of the bag.

In this way, your house is ready to put plastic bags! You can decorate a ribbon bow around the rest of your plastic bag holder. Now this support depends in an easily accessible place and the beginning of the plastic bags to keep them in it. You can remove a plastic bag from its lower end, when you need one!

Now they all were how to make a plastic bag holder. I am sure you will make some on your own soon! Am I right!

By Taha Mateen


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