A Distinction Between Culture and Education

Culture must not be confused with education. To be cultured, a man must be educated yet not every educated man is cultured. A young man who has got higher university education and has acquired a fair percentage of accurate knowledge of various subjects is, no doubt well educated, yet it is not sure that he has got a cultured mind.

Culture can be taken as modification of taste, enlargement of mind and smoothing of the whole personality.( A great author of Europe said about culture that a culture is an ideal of human perfection as an inner spiritual activity,) having for its characters increased sweetness, increased light, increased life and increased sympathy. He describes the opposite of culture as vulgarity of manners, lack of general intelligence and these are found sometimes in people supposed to be educated.

We have seen many examples in our own areas that the kids of high personalities or sardar’s, Meer’s and wadayras of villages send their children to abroad in order to get higher education there. And when they return to their home town they are changed too much but as they have to stay in their home town so they accept their culture and change in the life style. So these examples show here that isn’t any distinction between education and culture.

As we have seen  many educated persons that they aren’t cultured but it isn’t because of education its just because of their mind, their way of thinking and their minds aren’t accepting the culture and its objectives. Education doesn’t teach any one that leave your culture or ignore it it’s just our inner that accept or ignore the culture and values at all 

But an important question is here that, how it can be possible that the reading of best books give us culture? Because it brings us, in close contact with the minds and souls of the cultured men who wrote that all.. We come under the purifying and inspiring influence of highly cultured personalities, and such close contact will result in our perception by acquiring from their high culture.

   By Rehana khan(111/10)


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