A journey through the mountains Barat

I was visited mountain on the edge Barat Alkham AlRub for a period of five years. This is not such a long time if we think in terms of relationships with places and people. But it seems to get along with each other. Strike in the past used brown and dusty, Barat without rain, but the last time sparkled after substantial rains in the sun and looked happy …

It was this that brought rain cloud ….

Mountains of the Yemen Plateau Barat occupy the northern and eastern slopes. This is also the meeting place of nature’s inevitable fate. Here, houses, mosques, towers increase simply on the earth to the sky rises and extends from the ground. A place made up of people and land. So its more unusual inhabitants of the cultures in the Arabian Peninsula have created.

Symphony of colors.

The houses are most striking feature of this region. House the same colors of sand and a contrasting color explosion inside. Case earth brown and brown walls, flat roof and wrapped in silence. Houses that are built using materials of all shapes towers, square, round, five fifty-six stories tall skyscraper mud. The colors are the best unit, red or blue with white cuffs around windows and doors. Flat roofs are decorated with gray or white triangle. Most houses have small gardens of vegetables on hand. Here Barat dreams were captured and dreamed again. The markets in Suq AlEnan and wheat and barley supply Rajuza, dried fruits, animal fats, fresh dates, grapes, raisins, almonds, tea, sugar, coffee, vegetables, species. There is also the best smelling perfume, mixed with rose water, ambergris and saffron, and basil. Barat is also home to two ancient Arab tribes: a Dhu Dhu Mohammed Hussein. From these mountains were soldiers who were carrying out Islamic state is an important source of power during the Islamic army and conquered large areas to Islam. They were founded as far as away from places like Syria, Morocco, Andalusia, Sicily, Malta itself.

… It was spring when the desert dreaming of roses when she left. Dusty and fluffy. Religion for us and the book of life … They have become their eyes, but the mountains were no longer visible Barat … their hearts, turned … they were foreigners everywhere, and everywhere met relatives … War is not only speak what I saw and tasted …

As they left, they returned. Because it is an eternal journey, a journey that circulates in them, like drops of the ocean, and rain fell. They have also played a role in major events during the Yemeni revolution 26 September 1962. Summary Arabias past is embedded in the ancient Yemeni town. Settlements mainly of mud brick craftsmen living Barat. However, these properties under strict and crafts by individuals or in small family groups, workshops, most representatives of Yemen, its people and its past are made. They are a great heritage and culture

A rich cultural heritage to be cherished.

Tribe of Dhu Mohammed is grain farmers who rely on rainfall to produce for their cultivation of wheat and barley, mainly for their own use. They are mainly farmers, millet, barley, wheat and “dry” (rain-fed) to grow crops. When the rain was confined to places south migrations were green, like the wearing of Epp inevitable with the landscape she was born

Barat above is an old place where people have settled for so long. When the country was still alive, but part of the sea, rich washed villages, life was just as visible and invisible, carefully balanced in harmony. Mountains were persuaded to put their roots and instead link to the sky again. Among the various types of long-term, from history, as a character as an annoying, complicated, often are presented again. It is related to such extended slow history, all history must be rethought. Each of the thousand planes are while thousands of explosions can be understood historically.

New Links bond.
create together with the opportunities of globalization and modernization challenges, such as the loss of traditional markets, increased competition from goods imported modern, changing attitudes to traditional lifestyles and modes of production, brought together with the rapidly developing cultural expectations for a decline in traditional crafts and often social status. The challenge is to work together to exploit new business opportunities for traditional crafts and their ability to transmit to future generations with pride.

Unusual sunset turning glamorous light on the dark lines interlaced gold, brown, before the sun in the sky Barati after their evening prayers in the night in her dream. I looked at a place where wind small white flowers were the least. As in a dream everything was simple and clear. Silence was now overwhelming. Far below a yellow fog hid the desert east and glare in a land without shadows or clouds. The air we breathe, scent and its power. It was a rare moment, and I wanted to interrupt him while he was untouchable, to obtain a pristine another time.

By Taha Mateen


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