Accidents Happens Due to Carelessness

It is a well known fact that lack of care causes many incidents as one great author says that lot of boat accidents would never happen if people held the (rope) sheet in their hands instead or making it fast. The right way to manage a sailing boat is to hold rope (sheet) that regulates the sailing in their hands. Then if the wind suddenly shifts, the sailor can at once loosen or tighten the sail, or change it right over. It is of course easier to tie the rope and leave their hands free, but it is risky to do this. For if the win d suddenly turns round, the boat may become unbalanced before they have time to untie the rope, and rather they may be drowned.

This is just one option or a picture of the fact that many serious accidents and deaths happens due to laziness, carelessness, and lack of attention. And it is surprising that how people are careless with very usual things. Among the careless things the people do and that often lead to serious accidents, especially in villages when the people filling oil stoves or lamps for lighting it up. Throwing away lighted match sticks or burning cigarette ends and running across the busy streets, in front of speedy motor cars can cause accidents. While jumping off a train or tram while it is being accelerated and lighting up cigarette, while the tank of a car is being filled with petrol. Lighting matches in a room where there is a break out or leakage of gas. Throwing out banana and other skins of fruits on the way may cause disasters.

So one might go on, giving example after example of stupid and silly carelessness, but these can stand enough to show how necessary it is to take it as one slogan in life, safety first. It means simply do not take needless risks, should use  commonsense, and avoid the ordinary dangers of life, keep our eyes and ears open and be alert every moment. We should remember one thing that it is not worth while to lose our life for the sake of avoiding a little trouble or precaution.

In a word, be careful is a message for our selves and also for the sake of others. But safety first does not mean that we must never run for taking risks. Keeping in view the facts of safety measures we should try to avoid taking risks unnecessarily.


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