Acne skin care is complicated ?

When we heard about acne skin problem then suddenly we think that it is only teenagers problem but you know that acne affects the adults too, male and female both. Actually acne is skin condition that causes spots. Acne can differ from gentle to harsh and typically can effects skin of the face, back and chest. The pimples start when the pores of our skin become blocked with a kind of oil which is called sebum. Sebum is normally greases the skin and hair. Acne is familiar during teenage years. In puberty when the hormones go away into overdrive, causing the skin to over manufacture sebum. As many oil producing glands are situated in forehead, nose and chin so this area called T-zone where a person most prone to skin complaint.

Acne problem sometimes become an issue for boys and girls, when they saw a pimple in their skin. They want to remove as soon as possible these unattractive spots to their skin and in consequence, they often squeeze their acnes, crush it or use a wrong product which may increase their trouble and harm their skin dangerously. So be careful about this problem just consult a good dermatologist and follow their instructions strictly about your skin problem. Afterward you will see the positive result about your skin here we will describe some tips for your oily and pimple skin which may help you.

First wash your skin twice a day with warm water, neither hot nor cold and wash with mild soap which specially prepared for acne problem skin. Don’t scrub your face because over washing and scrubbing can cause skin to become irritated. Just gentle massage your skin into circular motions effectively. After washing or cleansing your skin don’t use any lotion which contains the ingredient benzyl peroxide.

Another important thing that don’t squeeze the pimples because when you squeeze your acne the martial which is in your acne may come out and spread infection on other areas of your face, not only this but the squeezing may make your skin more complicated with swelling and redness and even a scaring. Don’t use oily products like creams, lotions and perfumed massagers and creams which may boost your problem of skin and make it complicated more. So avoid these things which may cause your acne problem more set hurdles and make you unattractive or unappealing in front of others, so be careful.                        

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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