Almighty ALLAH helps those who help themselves

Every child knows the old story of the carter whose cart stuck in the mud, and who prayed to Hercules a god of strength, to get it out for him. Hercules answered the prayers with, put your own shoulder to the wheel, man. The carter took the advice and he and his bullocks got the wagon out of the groove.

There are in real life many better illustrations of the truth of the saying, God help those who help themselves. There are many inspiring life stories of men who by their own independent efforts paved their way up from poverty and hardships to success and fame. It was their own patience, perseverance and industry that in the end made them the men they became. The world is full of examples of those kind personalities who made themselves a symbol of success.

The living legend Imran Khan is a great symbol of success and popularity among us, now he is victorious personality of Pakistan. But in the past days he was not a famous person and as rich as he is now. He belongs to a poor family and lives like a middle or lower class man in the society. But his passion for cricket drives him to become a star of Pakistan. He was a enormous player of cricket. And the memorable and unforgettable happenings of his life were a world cup winning victory. In his captainship the Pakistan triumphed the word cup first time and the cricket team brightens the Pakistan’s name all over the world. This achievement recognized our beloved country in the world.

The other big achievement of his life was construction of (shokat khanam memorial hospital), the major hospital of Pakistan for the treatment of cancer diseases. He also completed the diverse branches of this hospital in chief cities of Pakistan. A shokat khanum memorial hospital treats freely the Poor’s and needy peoples. The imran khan is also renowned amongst the public because he becomes a politician and made a political party named (tehreek-e-insaf). The public loves him and appreciate his accomplishments for Pakistani public and he is himself a symbol of self made man and true example of this sentence that the Almighty ALLAH helps those who help themselves.

This is only one illustration or example that how a man can make himself respectable, honorable and a sign of dignity for himself and also for others and this only can occurs when a person has courage, determination, self confidence and hard work.

    By Rehana khan(111/10)


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