An evening in Paris

Paris is a place adored by the tourist’s world over. It is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a holiday. Once you are in Paris you will find a new concept of enjoying your leisure time by visiting high class restaurants and many more attractions. The city attains a unique value of art and culture. A number of museums and galleries display the world’s largest collection of art and antiques while the most attractive painting of Mona Lisa is placed in a museum, here.

In Paris we find a huge railway station fabricated with iron and glass converted into art complex. This railway station was built in 1900 and was changed to museum in 1986.It is the biggest display of paintings, decorative arts, sculptures, furniture and photography. This collection depicts the artistic creation of the western world from 1848 to 1914.It is claimed to be the most viewer friendly of the Paris museums, even in the whole world. The visit to this museum is a quite exciting and joyful experience.

The visit of a museum containing Picasso’s 3000 paintings is tremendous by its own style. The works was collected in 17th century. The finest place to be visited by the family is Disneyland Paris. It is considered to be the magical kingdom of favorite characters. A variety of shops and world class golf course attracts a lot of people to enjoy here. There is also a large aquatic park on the extreme side of Paris displaying slides, waves, exotic trees and water sports. It also includes tennis court and fitness centre. A squash court is also present and people enjoy a family holiday over here.

Shopping in Paris is itself a fashion and mark of high standard life. The displays of world’s top brands create a difference of class and style. The affordable stores for general buying are also present displaying enormous designs. The typical French style is prevalent in this city and a classic way of building architecture overwhelms the visitors to enjoy a unforgettable evening in Paris.

 By Umar Saleh (315/10)


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