Astrology history and faith

Some questions about life and death seem to have no answer. There is always a great amount of uncertainty with future finds life is very unpredictable! What is the reason for this uncertainty? Why is life so unpredictable? No one has ever found in a position to answer these questions. And probably for the same reason, as the pseudo-astrology was born. Yes, some prefer using astrology as a series of false beliefs described. However, there are many others who do not agree with this perception. They believe the impact of celestial bodies influence on life on earth, and I am one of them. Suddenly, move this mysterious science my interest in their history and beliefs. This is an attempt to share my findings with you.

Astrology: History and Faith

The concept of astrology dates back to ancient times. Beliefs about astrology vary between regions and cultures. In general, the astrology can be divided into two broad categories, namely natural and legal. Natural astrology chart with planetary positions as judicial astrology is based on an examination of the impact of celestial bodies on human life related. On the basis of regions and cultures, is classified as Western astrology, India and China. Western astrology is said to have practiced for the first time, of the people in Babylon, from where it spread to other countries. In the 4th Century BC Greece, after he arrived in Rome. Between century BC 7:13, started the Arab population believe in astrology. In the following centuries, the Mayans, Aztecs and other cultures and civilization is also developing new forms of astrology.

The Babylonians believed in the existence of five planets, each one God. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and five planets were identified by the Babylonians. They believed that the movements of the sun, moon and other planets were associated with the work of God. They believed in the possibility of predicting the activities of these gods to predict events on Earth. Babylonian priests said the events of human life on the basis of their interpretations of celestial bodies’ activity.

Chinese astrology is based on astronomy and closely related to Chinese philosophy. The Chinese also believe in the existence of five major planets, each with a distinctive icon. Venus represents the metal element and is found with the white tiger. Mercury is the water element and is symbolic of the black turtle. Mars represents the fire element with the Vermilion Bird finds. Saturn represents the element earth and is bound yellow dragon, while Jupiter is wood element is associated with Azure Dragon. Chinese zodiac signs are an important part of Chinese astrology.

After the occupation of Egypt by Alexander the Great, the astrology chart has ushered in the world. Horoscope Astrology is a form that is based on the concept of a horoscope. Birth horoscope is a chart of an individual, drawn on the basis of the positions of the planets and stars at birth. The introduction of horoscopes was a major breakthrough in the field of astrology. Horoscopes tracking method has to change very little, which mean the degree of perfection in ancient astrologers were subjected obtained.

As astrology is closely connected with astronomy, are achievements in the field of astronomy worth a mention. Arabs have made a significant contribution to world knowledge of astrology. Are you with the discovery of the many stars credited? The Arabs are the first ideas on favorable and unfavorable astrological predictions were getting.

The difference between astrology and astronomy was first placed by Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, a Persian Muslim astronomer. Arguments that astrology was a scientific basis have led Muslims to believe in astrology. There were other reasons for the religious Muslims turned to the existence of astrology as a science.

Mauryan periods in the Hindu astrology, it is the Jyotisa known and is in three sectors, namely Siddharth, Hora and Samhita divided. Astronomy is mentioned in a traditional Indian Siddhant while Hora is predictive astrology, based on the analysis of Natal Horoscopes.

From historical times, there were people who did not apply only to the future accurately predicted, but it proved also their know-how. There were accounts of astrologers predict the future of the world of men, their forecasts on a scientific and non-scientific findings. Fortune tellers and astrologers story are part of folklore. Perhaps there is no written evidence of its authenticity, but there is also no evidence that to deny it.

The basic idea behind belief in astrology is that influence the radiation of the planets and other celestial bodies, life on Earth. While some agree with this proposal is not, there are others who believe in it. They claim: “When the forces of gravity have a direct impact on the earth, why should not affect other planetary forces of the people?” Dare to agree?

 By Taha Mateen


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