Bones are the most essential part of a human body. They altogether form a skeleton of the body. There are 206 bones in a human body. Bones are the basic structures on which the whole muscular arrangement is adjust. Bones are composed of various types of tissues. Bones are of many types like compact bones, spongy bones and cartilaginous bones. The bones carry the whole weight of the muscular mass of the body, so they should be strong and healthy. The bones are combined together at a particular point called joint. On these bones the muscles are attached which help the bone to move.

There are several functions performed by bones like they help us in walking, in blood circulation, in providing support, give attachment to the muscles and provide stability to the body structure. Bones are consists of 80-90% of water, calcium about 1000mg daily, minerals D. this vitamin basically help the calcium in its binding with the bone.

But all in all the major component of bone is calcium. If a person is deficient in calcium storage then he will suffer from a lot of bone disease like rickets and osteoporosis. These diseases are caused due the less intake of calcium because it is the only mineral which is not produced by our body. They also become weak due to the scarcity of physical exercise. We can get it from milk mainly. So it is really important to take proper food and balance diet which should be consists of variety of foods like vegetables, meat, fruits and chicken along with maize’s, as they all are essential for our good growth and development.


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