Build Your Chest

There is well-built chest you a high status and a hint of authority. Pre-selection mechanism in the sub consciousness of the opposite sex responds very well to Pecs impressive, marking you as an appropriate breeders and dealers!

Most men want to bang a strong chest, button! 6 Pack Abs are impressive and so are the biceps, but the thing that is in the first place, especially for women who want to win the chest.

 But it’s not like I need to convince you that, so let’s get down to business …

As you build your Pecs?

There are several exercises that you use in order to develop a breast, but I’ll give the top three basic exercises. Here they are:

1. Flat Bench Press

This is the “king” of the gymnastic exercises for men, if you will. It is a basic exercise, because recruits, other neighboring muscles such as shoulders and triceps. Lying flat on a bench press set machinery, plant your feet on the ground and rest all the way back to the bench.

 There must be arch between your back and the bank. The back should perfectly with the bank. This is one of the most common mistakes I see people do in the gym. Avoid it. Not only makes the exercise less effective, it can also lead to a serious back injury.

Use an appropriate weight and then lower the bar slowly to your chest and lift it slowly. You should try it short, fast  lift and move slowly lower it more.

The lower part is often called “neg” is called, and where muscle stimulation is turned off. Take time to get him out of it.

Do not cross your legs and raise them to lift the weight. Hold it firmly planted on the ground.

Another advantage of “negs” is slow, that effectively simulates lifting a weight much larger, with little weight. This reduces the stress on the joints, further to reduce the risk of injury. I learned this from the great Frank Zane, when I trained with him at his home in San Diego.

Make about 3 or 4 sets with the help of the “pyramid”. Start with light weights and high repetitions and then up in weight while reducing the reps. does this until you reach a weight where you only have one or two sentences about the appropriate form can do.

Sometimes this switch up and with the highest weight, you can do to start. After heating, right, of course! Last note on flat bench: If done properly, it should feel as if you’re pressing your bank, instead of pushing up weight.

2. Incline

This is another basic exercise works the chest and upper chest. A well-developed upper chest should be coming out as dashboard and clarifying detail.

I believe a man named Serge Nubret upper chest built the most impressive of all time. Only bodybuilding fans will know him, but you can Google and look at the top of the breast? He was even better than Arnold in this one!

Use an incline bench press for it. Some fitness clubs have an adjustable, which should regulate at approximately 45 degrees.

Right shape for this year is a bit tricky and requires some practice. If you do it right arms should also be more inclined (as opposed to the front right slide) and you must make sure that you feel stress in Pecs.

Push too much work before the end up to the shoulders, not your chest.

It makes sense to have someone on site at first.

Note also that you are generally able to make it less weight than the flat bench.

3. Wide Grip Dips

This exercise is based on the lower chest during exercise and triceps indirectly. It has virtually the same effect as a decline bench press, but I think it is more efficient, more pleasant and manly! I personally like the decline bench position because “it makes me dizzy.

Arnold’s Bodybuilding Encyclopedia explains the best train; I shall therefore recapitulate exactly what it says:

1) Keep your distance above bars

2) Then, slowly, to the extent that one can go. From bottom to return to its starting position, press the tip of the pectoral fin base.

In this exercise, sit us to try crossing is more than breast, so your feet behind the back (buttocks), the focus will move forward and pectoral fins hit hard.

Some notes on building muscle chest

– You can play the first two years described (Bench Flat Bench and tilts) with free weights. Weights the same effect, but forces you more balance.

Machines are the worst for balance and should never use. A free barbell is better than cars for easy balance, but worse than free weights.

– Use dumbbells occasionally for a change and improve your balance to ensure that your strong side (right side when left-handed and left if you do not reach higher than your weaker side.

– There are two basic types of exercises for the chest. “Pressing” and “fly”. As the name suggests, involves pressing a button movement and are more effective in building up the chest muscles. They are also much more difficult.

– Fly is a movement of the chest like a bear hug. They are less effective, and I think exercises “refined” are.

If you are not professional bodybuilders are judged on every little detail, it is not necessary. I am a big fan of simplifying things as much as possible

By Taha Mateen


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