Cancer a Disease

The word Cancer is extracted from a Latin word “carb” in 400 B.C by Hippocrates. In Latin, it is also called “tumor” that means “to swell.”. These names were assigned to a disease due to its spread throughout the body. Cancer is also known as the growth of malignant cells.

More or less every one knows that Cells make up all the organs and tissues of the body. These cells normally repair and reproduce themselves in a systematic way. Cancer disease is defined as an unusual growth of cells. These cells have a tendency to propagate in an uncontrolled way. When this process gets out of control, it takes the form of a tumor.

There are more than hundred types of cancer; each one has different name, cause and treatment also. Most common types are esophageal, breast, lung, colon, bone, cervical, prostate, thyroid and skin cancer. Each type of cancer affects the different parts of body and requires the different treatment also. However people suffering from cancer confront the same problems, questions and emotions.

Cancer has the power to play a very disturbing and unstable role in delivering a death sentence to someone. American Cancer Society has stated that cancer is the second leading cause of death for Americans behind the heart disease.  In 2008, about 1.2 million cases were diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. Now the Western medical experts predict that, one out of every two Americans will ultimately die in the new millennium.

As far as the eradication of this disease is concerned this fact is above board that all of us should  understand the root causes and effects  of cancer first and then minimize them by following the precautionary measures.

 In the modern world, almost everyone knows that drinking water from a dirty pond or unhygienic lake can cause the life threatening diseases like diarrhea etc. But there are only a few people that understand the effects of resentment, anger and fear. People have no clear knowledge about the dangers of eating fast food, artificial sweets and chemical additions. These things are as dangerous as drinking unhygienic and polluted water and may take a little time to kill a person than tiny amoeba can.

 By Ayesha Saher


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  1. Kamran says:

    Very well written article . Cancer is the most dangerous disease that can cause severe damage if not controlled properly. We should take proper measures in order to reduce the causes of cancer.

  2. Edith says:

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