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Oakland, Calif. – At 9 clock another “Ciclavia session started. Oaklavia, as they say in this case is a special area in the metropolitan city into a car-dominated temporarily transformed into blocks of wide open space where small children play safely on the road.
Ciclavias found in other cities like New York and elsewhere. This is one of the first to happen in Oakland.

My wife and I lived in Oakland all my life, but we never experienced in the streets without cars, so I decided to check it out.

Car-less room were not very coherent, but the police and event volunteers to ensure that cyclists and pedestrians do not wait long if at all, moving from one segment of car-less.

To be honest, even with the police blocked the oncoming traffic still hard to relax on the road. See mother and child in the road was really surreal. No fear of impending death in these two: happy, just on a Sunday in a wide-open space.

Once the lack of engine noise and the abundance of space, it really was incredibly liberating and stimulating. Events like the Flood and cycling in general, so many details about the environment than you would normally. Move in a steel and glass enclosure with high speed (also known as a car) you take from so many parts of the work.

I smell the food only made worthwhile trip: as in a street cafe setup on the street in front of Ratto’s Market & Deli, not to mention on the grill Oaklavia.

It goes through the city this way, just noticing things that you did not know it. My wife (the gardener) found little garden half a block down from the city jail, with a beautiful view of the Federal Building in the background. Who would have thought? How do you know that this path is as a single band (aka Highway), which is located on the garden. Today, without the fear of imminent death with the car, we were able to literally stop and smell the roses, or at least red. Yum!

While I was investigating the garden, I met a volunteer event. Sweet bike can charge to tow up to £ 600. And cost $ 1,100. That’s more than my friend on Randall’s Bilenky tow.

All in all, Oaklavia is a great success in such great people and experience new perspectives of their city. Well, if this kind of self-less free space can only pervasive and persistent.

Cyclavía website states that this purely temporary spaces for recreation. This proves, in fact, park roads temporarily. This is a wonderful thing. However, removing cars from a business district that it is reminiscent of a different kind of space that has a lasting impact and possibly deeper, of a life: Plaza.

Europe is full of these places, markets and Kaanapali, ie massive car spaces less where people come together, not only on weekends, but every day, for example, Trafalgar Square, St. Peter’s Square, the Marienplatz, etc. In these places, you feel safe from cars that not only new, but during the work shop, meals, fees, etc. In other words, run, you feel safe from almost all the cars while. Live without fear of imminent death by car is a refreshing, if not a radical shift of focus your thoughts. Suddenly intellectually currently we spent in the parking to take into account driving and dodging cars for other things. Think of the possibilities.

Europe is not necessarily more enlightened on public space. They took their share of self-obsession, control and traffic jams. These markets are simply spaces remaining legacy of the pre-car. Since a large part of the United States was designed and built in the 20th Century, car-obsessed we are relatively few places cars less. “Drive-through, everything seems to our heritage in several cities. Fortunately, many feel that the U.S. needs to change.

Oaklavia sponsors, for example, work Walk Oakland Bike Oakland hard to diversify our lines of cars. Another site the followers of this idea are allowed Streets initiative. There are certainly many more. However, as shown in Las Vegas, there are a lot more to do.

Regardless of Oaklavia to show excellent work, how rewarding this vision can be done: for a few hours, if not forever.

By Taha Mateen


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