Career Approach

Career orientation is the most significant aspect of one’s life. The better prospects exploration may bring a positive change in the adjustment of better position. The change of career is not so easy task to perform, it is quite problematic and sometimes unseen or odd situations may occur. To acquire a better position you should have a vision and mission statement by asking yourself, a simple question that’ in what direction it will be suitable to move in order to uplift the career.’ Once it becomes clear in mind, it will allow you to decide accordingly. Life is full of uncertainties and a better vision will help to maintain the inner motivations in a positive manner.

The visualization of present career review and the requirements of starting up a new career may require enhancing communication or leadership skills. The emotional intelligence and adversity quotient will also be vital in proceeding further. The main feature for hiring revolves around the particular skills and no doubt it becomes the prime reason for any sort of selection for employment, so the continuous development of skills may favor a lot.

The buildup network of contacts within and outside the company may become a reason to get a better employment. A good contact may bring a better priority to work upon. We are the segment of knowledge based economy and better trainings would help to enhance career. The up gradation of skills and degrees will provide a boost because some jobs are based on allocated criteria and certain qualifications are required to justify the status of job so elevation in knowledge means elevation in status.

The role of leadership skills is just like moving up the organizational ladder, this skill will be quite important to be required to lead less experienced staff or colleagues. Some companies do manage in-house programme that equip the present staff to learn the leadership skills. The advantage of developing leadership skills will provide an edge to move forward and find a better place by motivating others also. The ultimate choice of attaining better qualifications is the key to success and paving new ways as well.                

  By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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