Carnations and Gerberas

Carnations have a long history of appreciation, delicacy and the durability. It was known as the “flower of love” or “the flower of gods”. This has been a source of inspiration and the beauty enriched reservoir for the poets of romanticism. Poets used it to symbolize the beauty and delicacy of their beloved while the prose writers used it as a reference to the womanly etiquettes. This has been occupying significant place in the flowers family for its ever increasing demand by the flower lovers and the beauty conscious people. Its annual sale makes a large part of the nursery’s business.

Carnations were considered sacred in the ancient Greece and Rome where the Christian community believed that the first carnation bloomed on the earth when Marry cried and wept for Jesus on earth. This was the time when Jesus carried his cross. For this mythical history the flower was used at the sacred places. The flower was found unlimited shades in the early period of its growth. It was in shades of pink, peach and yellow. With the passage of time, the petals started bringing in with the shades of red, purple and ever green.

The very word carnations mean the fascination, love or romance. That’s why it has been used in the long history of romance since the mankind learned how to give language to its feelings and expressions. Since long centuries are gone; the favor and the attraction of the flower is undiminished. This is as sacred, as demanded and as attractive as was on the day of Jesus fructification. The evidence of its durability is in the fact that it is found all the year round and does not die off when used in the designing of sets and the bouquets and in other flower arrangements.

Different colors of carnations are used to express different emotions and convey different messages. For example light red color is used to convey the feelings of admiration while the dark red is the symbol of deep and exotic love sentiments. White carnations are associated with luck and fortune. Pink color carnations are given to pay the gratitude. Last decade brought white carnations specified as a present on the “Mother’s Day”. These great varieties of carnations are a great help to human being for paying a vent to what they cannot express through words and other signs.

Even to the present carnations surpasses the popularity of all other flower families including roses and are easily recognized for their special charm and attraction which another flower family has not succeeded to give off. This has got the status of floral mainstay for a long time and is still used at special occasions. Carnations occupy a very special place in the floral community which cannot be replaced by any other. These urge people to have them in clusters at their places for their bewitched charm and special spell. Its wonderful delicacy still wonders its visitors and catches the eye of the people busy in silent admiration of the nature.


Another species of cut flowers with the broad petals bringing vivid and eye catching color; gerberas are the wedding flowers. These are a family of daisy genus which is found with the double petals in rounds or semi rounds. These are appealing craftsmen to use it as an ornament. Most of its species are derived from the South African daisy. In older days gerberas was in with the narrow petals following it, its fashion was totally out for a while and now it is again in the fashion with the broad petals.

The gerberas attaining is not difficult. You can grow your own gerberas. Gerberas love the sun and bloom fully in it. Full sun is the favorite for the gerberas to grow well. These are therefore grown well in the soil rich with warmth. You must choose a place for the gerberas plantation which is fully drained and well fertilized. Winters are not good to grow gerberas. If you have poorly drained soil, prepare a sol bed higher than the soil which will help the daisy plant to grow better. If you have cold autumns or winter prevailing in the town; you must go for the place in a shelter to avoid the frost and the wetness which can make your gerberas die. Therefore excellent drainage and the best shelter from the cold are the two conditions which are necessary for your gerberas plant.

You know what? Poorly drained soil can bring a disease to your crop. This disease results in the rotting of the gerberas stem. Therefore take care for the drainage of the soil. If few of the leaves are diseased, regularly remove these diseased leaves so the rest of the plant is saved. Your little negligence can bring a great harm to your plant. So, be affectionate and caring to keep your plant friend saves from the fungus diseases.

When you are to plant the gerberas; have prep before you are on the plantation. Divide the crown into groups and select the place as beds outside your home or inside the backyard. The crown is a part where the new plant growth starts. This crown should be 1-2 cm above the soil. This can help you to prevent and reduce the chances to the minimum for saving your gerberas. You can also grow your gerberas in pots in the early spring and summer.

Gerberas are the best to use as the cut flowers. You can use it in the setting designs or a purchase it from the floral shops. These are available almost all round the year. If you own your nursery; you must be careful while pricking the flowers as the wrong pricking can lead to leave a spot behind which causes infection and can bring big harm to the whole plant. Instead of cutting the stem fully; you must wriggle it from the base till it is cleanly removed. Choose fully opened and wide gerberas for arranging. Do not forget to remove the white threading at its base.

By: Ammarah Khan


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