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Biochar: A farmer friendly organic compound

Climate change is widely spread and recognized as serious threat to human society and natural ecosystems. Emission of various gases, anthropogenic activities are responsible for climate change. Loss of soil carbon might be attributed to climate change. However many scientist suggested four other mechanisms that may be responsible for reduction in soil carbon and they […]

Transgenic plants

Transgenic plants are those genetically modified plants which involves different biological techniques to create new and different characteristics in plants. These plants are called as (GMO) means genetically modified organisms. Engineering of these types of plants in earlier days was impossible, but due to advancement in the scientific fields, now bio-technologists are able to engineer […]

Career in Agriculture

There are a lot of openings in agriculture, a variety of jobs are available in this field all over the world. The jobs can be searched on every level just after acquiring the college degree or through formal education. Yet another way of getting agriculture job is just to prepare for on the job training. […]

Agriculture Development in Pakistan

In our country agricultural and industrial development are equally necessary. Agriculture is the basis of economy. By cultivating properly our lands can give us food grains like wheat, rice and barley much more above our needs. First of all our requirements of food are increasing vigorously with a rise in our population every year. We […]

Agricultural Resources

The most basic and primitive source, since the human being arrived on this earth is agriculture. The ancient civilizations began to cultivate the crops and since that period the process of getting food from soil is the major occupation till date. No one can deny the importance of agricultural worth. Agriculture can be referred as […]