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House rabbits

Either you or your child is adopted a rabbit house, or maybe you already have a rabbit at home and now you want more information about how to care for a rabbit. Whatever the reason, if you have a rabbit (or any house for that matter), the proper care is essential so that they can […]

Golden hamsters

There are four species of dwarf hamsters kept as pets. These animals are in different strains of golden hamsters kept as pets. Animals that the name Black Bear hamster, teddy bear hamsters, long haired hamsters are as hairless panda hamster or hamsters are all Syrian hamsters. The scientific name for these animals is Mesocricetus auratus. […]

Care of Animals

Pet ownership is a big responsibility and teaches children how to care for their pets is a good start! When children reach school age, usually it is a good time to introduce them into the joys and responsibilities of owners and care for a pet. Very small children and pets are not always a good […]

Ducks as pets

Ducks are quite reasonable pets to be kept in houses or in farm houses. The decision to get what sort of ducks will be entirely depending upon your choice any way. To get the ducks you will have to contact different hatcheries where hundreds of ducks will be available to be selected and purchased. Some […]

Egg farming

The most exciting reasons to have chickens would be the production of farm fresh eggs. The presence of backyard flock provides the opportunity to produce eggs regularly. This is an interesting and exciting business too. For your flock you don’t need a rooster to get eggs. Hens will be laying eggs with or without rooster, […]

Ostrich Farming

Ostrich farming is getting great importance now a day. In old times the wild ostriches were used to be hunted in Africa to exploit their feathers. The early export of feathers took place in early nineteenth century and gave an importance to the ostrich farming. Certain suitable areas was selected to produce the feed and […]

Sheep Farming

Sheep farming is a quite reasonable business. While having agricultural lands and plenty of livestock resources a successful start can be taken. Sheep raising is relatively easy to start as compared to other types of livestock. As we find that sheep have much strength in their body to resist the diseases and known as hardy […]