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Advantages of a wall makeup mirror

There are many benefits of using a magnifying mirror wall. It allows the user a number of advantages for make-up and removal if necessary. The make-up mirror is advantageous because it is stationary and mounted on the wall heights and angles that are needed. Already connected to a power source, is a magnifying mirror wall […]

Classis hair styles

Groom’s mother is an important person, the groom at a wedding. Mother of the groom’s hair should be such that it fits the dress. However, both the clothing and hair should not be so complicated, but simple and elegant. There are many ways to create such beautiful and elegant style. Here are different ideas of […]

Threading and hair remove

Today, most people are concerned about unwanted hair, one of the most common cosmetic problems. Cheek, upper lip, eyebrows, legs unwanted hair is a normal part of growing body. The sugaring, waxing, tweezers and waxing of unwanted facial how to cure the problem are there are many ways, depilatory cream, cream, laser and electrical use. […]

Pirate fashion

The popularity of pirates in the media has created a greater demand for fashion pirate, including pirate costumes. Many wonder if the pirate costumes for women of today resemble what women used to use historical pirates. In fact, women dressed as pirates, usually men in tight pants and shirts of untreated waste that could withstand […]

Anti Aging Treatment

The treatment of choice for celebrities and the saving grace for many people trying to stave of the signs of aging and life lived to the fullest. Had too many late nights, cigarettes or frown lines? Do not be afraid that you walk around with signs telling the story of the face – the Botox, […]

Makeup for black women

There are many different types of makeup foundation available for black women to vote and have all the advantages and disadvantages. If you leave your skin type very well, will be able to quickly find what foundation would be better to work for you. It is important to choose a basis that will look completely […]

Bridal Shoes

Every woman wants to look like a star on her wedding day, but let’s face it: It is not enough to look good to feel good you are. After all, how much fun they had, in fact, if your feet are killing you violate the wearing of a pair of shoes? These are some ideas […]

Fashion world

  Fashion has become the most important element of our life. Everyone wants to look fashionable and stylish. It will not incorrect if we say that this age is the age of fashion. Fashion defines the style statement of a person. The way a person carry himself matters a lot. Fashion is of many kinds. […]

Dress Of Kalash People

Kalash women are strikingly colorful in their unique customs. Their hair is plaited, both in front and back. On their heads they wear the shushut a small head –dress like a ring around the head with a long piece hanging down the back. On top of that the big head-dress or Kupas is worn for […]

Definition of Fashion

“Fashion” is accordingly defined in the dictionary; the existing mode in such things as is subject to change in form or style, as in pattern and manners, and especially in dress. Actually it’s a name given to the prevailing style of living between the high classes and the rich ones.                    Among the members of the […]

Taking Fashion as Business

The most primitive is fashion industry, since early times a sense to look superior is found in ancient civilizations, the appearance significance is visible through paintings in caves. The female cravings for jewelry remain a prominent factor throughout the ages. The colorful bangles covering whole arms reflect the passion for looking attractive. The Egyptian style […]


No doubt it is an age of fashion. In Pakistan, the fascination of fashion is particularly too strong among youth these days. All of us are well aware of the social importance of fashion. The craze to look smart, fashionable and up to date is becoming very common among the teenagers. The main causes of […]