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Great power

  “The British Empire is long dead, leaving only debris and dirt.” From the Empire The Ferguson Niall The earth-spanning empire that once 25% of the worlds land mass and more than 444 million people are in fact controlled gone, but the country still with us gave birth, and strong as ever. It is generally […]


Moen-jo-daro is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is at a distance of 27 kilometers from Larakana on the right bank of the river Indus.4500 year ago, it was a large, busy city. No body knows about it until 1922,when some villagers found pieces of old smooth pots and old bricks at […]

You know about the history of TOBACCO

We don’t know with confidence which of the nation was first used tobacco. The old countries Egypt, China, Syria have no references in their literature or inscriptions to the use of the herb. The first contact that Englishmen made with users of the “weed” was when Elizbethsn sailors visited South America and found the inhabitants […]

American history of slavery

The world’s history shows slavery started since primitive times. With the rapid changes in development of the New World, slavery solved the crisis of manual labor requirements. At that time lands were expanding at a very high rate and the economies depending upon the trade. The land lords needed huge number of labor for sowing […]

History Of The Zodiac Signs

Around the whole ball of the sky there extends a mainly important band of stars. The stars in the band form, roughly twelve groups, which man call groups. Centuries ago star gazers thought all these groups except one looked like men or women or animals and so they called the group the zodiac. The word […]

History of Pashtoon and Baloch Tribes of Quetta.

Quetta is a great city and a capital of Baluchistan; it has an enormous history and marvelous values of customs. From the past days it takes importance for the different tribes of pashtoon and balochs to stay here and groom here. Quetta, old name was Shalkot and a story which was famous for this was […]

What Does History Say About Freedom Of Man

An old English poet says that (ah! freedom is noble thing! freedom makes man to have taste). By the second line, we are to understand that freedom gives man enthusiasm and relish for life. He can enjoy himself. This is almost true. The worker who has a holiday, the schoolboy in vacation t, both say, […]

History Is Race Memory

History is “race memory”. Just as a man’s memory connects his past life to the present, so the history of a nation is its memory of its past. How could we live as person without having memory? There have been strange cases of complete failure or loss of memory? A man has suddenly forgotten his […]

Impotance Of History

The study of history informative as well as instructive. it is mirror in which passing cultures and civilizations are reflected of  historians. Culture means the customs ,beliefs, art and other product of human thought. it indicates attitudes to life. Civilization means an advanced stage of human development marked by high level of art and political […]