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Hazrat Ali (Karam ALLah Wajho)

Ali was First to Accept Islam among Youngsters: It was a banquet in the Arabs community. The festivity going on was usual but the motive was unique and isolated than others holding such banquets. When it was about to end, people were addressed by their host who gave them a call which was definitely strange […]

Women rights in Islam

The status of woman in Islam constitutes no problem. The attitude of Quran and the early Muslims bear witness to the fact that woman is, at least as vital to the life as man himself, and that she is not inferior to him nor is she one of the lower species. Had it not been […]

The Islamic way of life

Islam is a universal religion as it covers all the aspects of life for all humanity. It makes clear that the basis of the otherworldly life is our deeds and actions in this world. Islam means obedience or submission to the will of God. The will of God is expressed clearly in the religious law. […]

Islam becomes benevolence for women’s.

As we know very well that EXPERIENCE is a best teacher in the world. Its main aim is to teach us that how to live in this world of cruel people. No one can teach us the real lessons of the life as well as it can. It is a strict schoolmistress. It sets us […]


In this amazing world we have heard many miracles, often seen the strange incidents everywhere but here are several things that if we come across the real story of it then we will be amazed that how it can happen? Or we will think about this world that it’s a place of curiosities. In the […]