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Medical Coding

Coding Makes the Way Easier Coding is a systematic way of identifying and maintaining things. In this system the alphabets and numeric are remembered instead of the detailed names. Each alphabet or a numeric represents a different object. It is very helpful for the people maintaining the records and preparing data sheets. For coding system […]


Diabetes Mellitus is a syndrome characterized by presence of glucose higher than the normal value in blood. Normal value of glucose in blood ranges from 7.8mg/dl to 140mg/dl. Diabetes classically is recognized by symptoms of polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia. It is known as syndrome rather than a disease because in Diabetes, if glucose level is […]

Joint Arthritis

Joint Arthritis is a physical condition where inflammation of joint takes place and causes pain while hindering the movement. It causes numbness and pain which interferes in daily life activities. It restricts the life participating mobility and person seems to be limited to certain places. It stealthily makes its space in routine and takes the […]

Arthroscopic knee surgery costs

If recommended arthroscopic knee surgery? Knee joint is complex. It covers the thigh bone (femur), shin (tibia), tibia performed (fibula) and the kneecap (patella). Or crescent-shaped menisci are cartilage on the inner and outer edges of the tibia. These prevent the femur and tibia from rubbing together. A network of ligaments and muscles are to […]

Knee replacement surgery complications

                      Knee replacement surgery complications Given the fact that you performed surgery, so that the knee are replaced with artificial parts and implants is, it is certainly a way to develop some complications. In contrast to all the operations can cause even a knee replacement surgery have complications from major to minor. There may be […]

Knee replacement, designed specifically for the female anatomy

Recently announce two major orthopedic implant manufacturers, the availability of knee implants designed specifically for women. We all know that men and women are different, but how this relates to knee implants? The main difference is the relative size of the end of the femur or thigh bone. For a front-to-back or anterior-posterior (AP) width, […]

Aerobics Cardio

What is cardio? Cardio is the medical word used for the heart. Aerobic exercise is often called cardio training. It is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. The most important thing about Cardio exercise or aerobic exercise is that it strengthens the heart muscles, reduce the risk of heart […]

Dental Care

Dental care is most vital to have attractive and graceful smile while good teeth are always a precious gift to be considered for good health. Cosmetic dentistry is being practiced for maintaining beautiful smile and protection of teeth all the way. With this technology Cosmetic dentists repair or replace teeth by keeping similar size and […]

Cancer a Disease

The word Cancer is extracted from a Latin word “carb” in 400 B.C by Hippocrates. In Latin, it is also called “tumor” that means “to swell.”. These names were assigned to a disease due to its spread throughout the body. Cancer is also known as the growth of malignant cells. More or less every one […]

Stress and anxiety

Modernism has brought so many facilities for us and we enjoy certain things which were considered to be the impossible. Man can fly, he can move with a supersonic speed on and above the earth’s surface. Advanced means of communication has brought revolution in our lives. Television and computer has changed our life style enormously. […]

Information product

Every one has some interests in life about which they are really passionate as everyone is specific in something. So it is better to convey your information and knowledge to others in the form of information product.                                                                                                                          It is a pretty good source of income which can be earned online by anyone. For this one […]

Muscle building

Our body is composed of bones and muscles. Muscles act as the outer covering of our bones. Muscles are the most important part of our body structure. We can’t imagine our self without muscles. There are 650 muscles in our body by number. Almost 75 pairs of muscles are required maintaining our body posture like […]

Back pain

Back pain is the most common disease now days. Not only the elder ones but the young ones are also affected by this dilemma. It can be caused due to several reasons in which not having right posture, disc slip, having any kind of injury or the dislocation of any vertebra in the vertebral column […]

Acne problems

Acne is the most common problem among females. Males are also affected by this problem. It is a natural dilemma which almost every one has to face at a particular age. They are limited to a time perimeter after which they start vanishing from the face. But they leave their scars behind due to which […]

Heart diseases

Heart is the most important organ of the human body. It plays the central role in our body. It works throughout the life of the person. The health and the fitness of the other organs of the body are fully dependent upon the appropriateness of the heart. Due to its significance it provides the vital […]


Cancer is the most dangerous disease of all diseases. It plays havoc to human life. Cancer is the purposeless division of cells in any particular part of the human body. These purposeless divisions of cells are found in the form of tumors in the body. There are several types of this deadliest disease like brain […]


Emphysema is a respiratory disorder. It is very common among Asian countries. In this disease the patients become unable to take normal breathe. The main cause of this disease is smoking and pollution. It is also caused due to some gene mutation or spontaneous mutation. Actually there is a special type of protein present in […]


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. Structurally it is long and rigid rope like consist of three polypeptide chains wound around each other. The he main function of collagen is to provide strength and support to our body parts like bones, ligaments, tendon, humor of eye and also our skin. There are […]


Nursing means taking care and looking after the sick, the injured, and the young the old or the helpless, with love and sympathy. It is difficult to say ,at what point in history nursing was organized in a scientific way. Yet it is easy to understand that it must be as old as men’s feeling […]

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, a majority of people knows the fact yet the smokers are not ready to quit smoking at all. They feel that smoking brings a sense of satisfaction and a perception of being at ease, gives them pleasure. They think that depression can be avoided to some extant by spreading smoke […]

Joint problems

Bones and joints are the integral part of our body structure. They are the basic make up of the whole of our skeleton. Any problem concerning these joints and bones can prove fatal. Our body and muscles are supported by these bones and joints. A joint is a place or location where two bones meet. […]

Klumpke’s Paralysis

Klumpke’s paralysis is one of the most renowned paralyses of hand and arm. In this disease the body part become completely immobile and inactive to perform any kind of function. It is mainly caused due any fall, carrying or clutching something heavy in hand or it could also be a birth injury. The main reason […]

Losing Weight

Losing weight is always considered as the most difficult job to handle. Most of people think that it may involve carrying out strict diet plans and taking food supplements, which may be harmful. As a matter of fact, the suspicion of side effects also makes it troublesome. The risk of undergoing a physical stress is […]


Paralysis is a situation in which the body becomes permanently or temporarily unable to move to perform any function consciously. There are many kinds of paralysis caused in a human body. And there are several causes for them. Any deformity or disability in nerves can cause paralysis. There are many types of paralysis but erb, […]

Controlling Diabetes

The patients of diabetes would have to take certain precautions to keep it under control. It is relatively important to take maximum care by changing certain habits instead of going to some doctor in acute situations. Some of the precautions a patient can manage by himself and some other are not approachable. The time of […]


Any plant or part of the plant which contains active medicinal chemical constituents and gives a definite physiological response in the treatments of diseases in humans and other animals is called medicinal plant. Many people particularly in rural areas often rely on plant resources for their domestic and primary health care needs. Indigenous people living […]


Blood is the most essential part of our body. It helps the body in transporting ions, molecules, proteins, fats and the most imperative one is oxygen. Oxygen is the most important element of our body. It also carries all the nutrients used by the body for its growth and nourishment. The major components of blood […]

Causes of Depression

When we are depressed, we feel sad or cry a lot, a feeling of irritation and overreacting arouses rather we lose our confidence. Life seems to be dark and meaningless. We forget most of things positive in life and loose concentration. A feeling of restlessness and disorder in sleep occurs. The eating habits are changed […]


Diabetes is spreading widely now a day, it is always important to control it. There are so many ways to keep it normal or under control. To manage diabetes usually it is advisable to get proper medicine from a specialist rather some people try to get it from open market without any prescription. The cost […]


Bones are the most essential part of a human body. They altogether form a skeleton of the body. There are 206 bones in a human body. Bones are the basic structures on which the whole muscular arrangement is adjust. Bones are composed of various types of tissues. Bones are of many types like compact bones, […]


Osteoporosis is a disease which is associated with bones and lead to their fracture if become serious. Osteoporosis is a Greek word which means “porous bones”. In this disease bones become very weak. It is usually caused due to the hormonal imbalancement or due to some chronic diseases and also by the constant use of […]

Thalassemia; A disease

Health is wealth is a common sentence which we have heard thousand times from our elders. And it is true also. This age is the age of science. With the advancement of scientific technology, diseases are becoming more common these days. Among which thalassemia is the most usual one? Thalassemia is spreading over the globe […]

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a field which is mainly associated with the physical fitness and health of the patient. It is the field which helps the people who are suffering from some physical disorder or abnormality. In simple words we can say that this field rehabilitates the suffering people. A physiotherapist is a person who brings […]