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Functions of Management

Planning, is the process of streamlining the objectives in any project and determining the way that how the project is done. Make strategies, and directions in the light of environment. Organization, is the process to assigning tasks, duties, allocating resources and arranging all the activities to complete the plan.   Leading, is the process of arousing […]

Scope & Definition of Project Management

Understanding that the Project Management is one of the main issues causing success or failure of any organization is very important to us. Today we will also see some historical background of management itself. we will also try to define what Management is. And how management could be used or utilized in the project management […]

Project Manager

Project Manager, “Who He is”. A project manager is a professional in the field of project management. He has the main responsibility of the any specific project. Planning, leading, organizing, controlling, basically the project manager uses these techniques and manages the overall project and ensure the success. The project managers use various methods, techniques, formulas, […]

Project Manager Power

The following are major power and authorities which a project manager get or approved from the concern departments. Technical knowledge. Maintain rapport with all involved. Building alliances. being the focal point for de-cisions and communications. Resolving conflicts effectively. Corporate Policies. Departmental Policies. Procedural superior s right to command subordinates. Formalized Delegated Authority Approved Project Plan. […]

Project Manager Methodology

Under this heading we can describe the organization structure and methodology which use for success of any project. So we can discuss it with the help of following contents: 1)      Project driven and non driven Elements. 2)      Project Management Methodology. 3)      Systems, Programs, and projects. 4)      Categories of projects. 5)      Maturity and excellence. 6)      Information […]

Project Management

What a project manager must be capable of doing to complete a project within the given three constraints of scope time and budget? Giving answer to the mentioned question requires pointing to a few related questions with the aim of shedding some light on the main question. Who is project Manager? What is the definition […]