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Allah-The Creator

Surah 55 – Al Rahman THE MOST GRACIOUS 055.001 (God) Most Gracious! 055.002 It is He Who has taught the Qur’an……….. 055.005 The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed; 055.006 And the herbs and the trees – both (alike) bow in adoration……….. 055.010 It is He Who has spread out the earth for […]

Muhammad (PBUH)-Last prophet

                                             The last prophet of Allah, the savior of mankind, a complete model for humanity and a person who set examples for every affair and issue concerning life; Muhammad (PBUH) was an Arabic in his blood. He belonged to a noble tribe of Arabs. Let me write an interesting fact before I go mentioning different […]

Vampires are cool

What should Christians think about vampires and vampire fiction and film? Well, in Philippians 4:8 we are instructed our minds with “whatever is true, noble, what, what is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, what admirable fill -. If something is good or praiseworthy” Although there is a certain nobility in the Twilight books […]

To avoid this disastrous Christmas sales

The first thing you should have in hand when ever you travel is your passport with the visa. It is necessary to check the expiration date of the passport. Necessary documents and visa issues can be addressed by the embassy. As an example, Saudi Arabia visa before your foot in this country needed. But if […]

Subliminal messages

One of the most controversial issues that will probably always be in dispute is the presence and the effect of subliminal messages in our daily lives. There are no subliminal messages? If so, can not affect our behavior and how we perceive things at all? These questions are what this item will be the buzz. […]

Second Great Awakening

Second Great Awakening was a major religious movement in the history of Christianity and the Christian faith and ideology. This time of religious revival in 1795 lasted until a significant part of the 1845s. This followed hot on the heels of First Great Awakening, which began while most of America when it was under colonial […]

Nutcracker Ice fun games for kids

Today, in order to sustain jobs in all areas, a person must be confident and sure of himself. Most corporate jobs today require a person to become a great orator. Therefore inculcating communication skills, social skills, to be, when speaking before other must be inculcated right from childhood always have stage fright and secure. How? […]

Inspirational bible verses for tough times

There are moments in our lives when we difficult situations that we wanted, never came into his face. In such times we may feel bad, disappointed, discouraged and go anywhere in life. I usually find ways to get rid of these problems.  A good way is to read from these circumstances, the Scriptures and meditate […]

What is Existentialism?

 Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is and what is our inherent sense of existence on this planet? I would not recommend that you follow this idea, as it often leads to the absurd that few can manage. Still, if you think about it, then you already have as part of the […]

Christmas Ice Breakers

Christmas was always an icebreaker session, even if the people there know each other very well. Icebreaker activities have not only a lot of fun but also help make people more comfortable talking to them at the party, and therefore suitable for the general. The article that follows, we look at some icebreakers and Christmas […]

Ash Wednesday, 2011

“Remember, O ‘man you are dust and to dust you shall return” Genesis ~ 3.19 the above verse from the Bible explains that Ash Wednesday is a subtle effect. Ash Wednesday is also known as the cinerum dies, which means the day of the ashes. It marks the beginning of Lent, and lasts 46 days […]

What is the Daniel Fast

A quick Bible partly based, Daniel quickly finds two accounts on the Prophet Daniel in fasted. If you know, why do Daniel fast, then you need to know about these two accounts in Daniel 1 and Daniel mentioned 10th Today, Daniel is a quick method of fasting, which is followed by the men and women […]