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Dog Days of spring in Nova Scotia Linda MacLean

Today I was pried from my office chair was Mike; I needed to take a walk! The truth is I need movement. The winter was long and hard for me this year! Mike told me to get a flu shot, I’m not discouraged, and what … Need I say more. After 10 weeks I am […]

Commercial grade oil process steps

Vegetable oil extracted from seed by pressing it is usually usable without going through any further process like refining, deodorizing or bleaching. The users comfortable with the natural smell, color, taste and appearance directly utilize it. The standards required to move in classified commercial grade oil while producing through a seed oil press method require […]

Articles writing success tips

Article writing is a difficult job, searching a topic and relevant material would cause a lot of work to handle the subject. The idea of writing an article with instructional and informative perspective may bring an enormous brainwork to execute it all the way. The recent development of writing articles for money is a new […]

Why Stars Attract us ?

When we look up at the stars on a clear night, those faraway pinpoints of light often seems to glimmer and twinkle. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are, sprint the old rhyme which express what many boys and girls through centuries have wondered. The stars do not twinkle themselves. If we […]


When asked, what is better then Presence of mind in an accident? A wag said absence of body. This is surely true but as we cannot always escape accidents and difficult situations easily, we should have, or cultivate, what is called presence of mind. (Presence of mind) means to keep cool and calm in an […]

Group discussion secrets

Group discussion is known as the discussion between participants, on agreed topic. It is on the whole carried out by certain institutes and companies to evaluate the behavior of a candidate within a group. What sort of qualities of leadership, abilities of listening and problem work out, he acquires. The checking of his team spirit […]


Strikes are the out come of our modern industrial system. They came into fashion in the present age of steam-driven machinery and large factories. The level of salaries, like the prices of goods, was fixed by the law of supply and demand, under a system of free competition. But the competition between master and man, […]

Self Respect

Self respect is an acknowledgment of personal value or to realize self admiration. It can also be defined as receiving of high regard to be treated as valuable human beings. The people with self respect always expect high treatment from others and they won’t let them to be treated with low profile. On the other […]