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Truth about Splenda, opportunities and sugar? Depends who you ask

Centuries ago, refined sugar a rare luxury for rich people was very reserved, the most common and not even know what it tastes like. Now, after several hundred years of an increasingly industrialized society, has virtually everyone in the world at least tasted like sugar and spices as common in most restaurants and many households, […]

Sucrose vs. fructose

                                                             Sucrose vs. fructose Fructose and sucrose both are sugars. Both are widespread and found in a number of natural substances in food. Both are carbohydrates, but in the form of simple sugar. Both sugars are processed to be used in commercially prepared foods. Since there are many similarities between fructose and sucrose, there is […]

Recommended daily intake of sugar

Almost all of us have a sweet tooth, and the more we try, the more we crave the sweetness and comfort of cakes, cookies, candy, soda, and other rich desserts control. As much as I love him, now is the time an important truth, and perhaps discover something about the sugar known. In addition to […]

The dangers of sugar in the diet during pregnancy

Just because everyone treats them with sugar sweeteners did not mean it is good for you. Sugar may be harmless, but this thing is to be used for the body, so eat moderate amounts can contribute to a long list of health problems for you and your unborn child hard. The consumption of sugar ruins […]

Artificial Sweeteners Vs. Sugar

Sugar was always like the bad guy and the culprit behind weight gain sound. If you switch back to artificial sweeteners you have read the reports about how they were to cancer and other health problems as you. What to do in a person? Is it a good idea to learn the risks and benefits […]

Substituting honey for sugar

Let us begin this discussion by simply comparing the two main components in this article we speak, sugar and honey. Although both sweeteners contain glucose and fructose, it is a big difference in its components and health benefits. Sugar is a product manufactured using commercial crystal cane or beet sugar as feedstock. But in the […]

Too much sugar is bad for your health

Today, consume much more sugar than people in previous years. This is particularly the case in children. Sugar has been linked to weight gain. The golden rule for weight gain is saved when the body gets more energy use than the rest of the body weight. Eat lots of sugar calories or food business operators […]

Corn Syrup vs. Sugar

                                                           Corn Syrup vs. Sugar Corn syrup is a sweetener commonly used, a derivative of them is high fructose corn syrup, typically in the property and processed food is seen. Corn syrup is often used to refined white sugar in an attempt to minimize the impact of calories from sugar by replacing bypass, while maintaining […]

Powdered sugar

Powdered sugar not only provides sweetness to the preparation, but also helps him a thicker consistency. Since mass granulated sugar, powdered sugar is not used as a substitute for table sugar, but many confectioners’ sugar substitutes that can be made in the case of powdered sugar is not to use. Let’s start talking about what […]

Demerara sugar

Demerara sugar takes its name from the Demerara colony in Guyana, where sugar is produced initially, but today it is mainly produced in Mauritius. It consists mainly of sucrose and light yellow to golden yellow in color. Demerara sugar is as pure cane sugar that is often used in home baking and sweetening coffee and […]

Turbinado Sugar

It was only yesterday when roaming around the corridors of the local health food store that I came across a package of Turbinado sugar. While I have heard from many of its health benefits, I was not really sure what Turbinado sugar was. But after some research I came across some Turbinado sugar nutrition facts […]

Vs. powdered sugar icing sugar

It’s happened to you, you wanted a cake; find the recipe for powdered sugar and powdered sugar had just called you at home baking. This is when you know whether you can substitute powdered sugar icing wanted. Well, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who have faced such a situation. This leads […]

Brown Sugar vs. White Sugar

Thus, the regular white sugar, which is usually used by people worldwide. It is made from sugar cane which is compressed and mixed with lime in order to achieve the desired pH and to precipitate impurities. Results sugar cane juice is reduced by evaporation and by a centrifuge, transferred to form crystals. These crystals are […]

Vanilla sugar

If you wonder what vanilla sugar, then, as the name suggests, flavoring vanilla sugar, which is popularly used in European cuisine. It is commonly used to make cakes and cookies, but also hot drinks are added to add a unique flavor. Although it is not readily available elsewhere, it can easily be done at home […]

Calories in sugar vs. honey

A sugar-free diet is the latest mantra in market. Avoid the extra calories and reduce your weight. What’s more, it helps keep blood sugar levels even. Pace, people are also ga-ga over honey. It is, of course, it is healthy and has antioxidant properties that keep you fit and well. So, eat honey better than […]

Sugar crystals

Sugar crystals mainly in food and their preparations decoration. Desserts, pastries, which are made with sugar crystals. Source crystal sugar cane is a plant that grows in tropical countries. Sugar crystals are also used in the manufacture of glass-like material. Such glass materials that are used instead of glass, photographic film stunts in movies that […]