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Nikon D40 Review

Nikon D40 is a new low-cost, compact point-and-shoot digital SLR from Nikon D50 is the obvious, but at a significantly lower price and with a slightly different feature set. The biggest news is probably the fact that Nikon resisted the temptation to keep chasing megapixels (Hooray for that) and seems to instead of what a […]

Many Faces of GPS tracking devices

                          Many Faces of GPS tracking devices GPS tracking devices work similarly. With satellite technology virtually pinpoint the exact location of the device and are able to record this information to a central system. This system can then be accessed by software that can analyze the details and submit it to an end user on […]

Undiscovered Destinations

Yelapa was unfortunately discovered, and now with tourists crowded. Often, and one is that I have nothing against tourists. But if the mass is too thick, I prefer more secret places. Here are some examples of some of these destinations, which are still undiscovered. Not all destinations are full of tourists. In fact, not all […]

Comfortable places to live in Florida

The state of Florida is known for attracting many tourists from all over America. This condition, although very popular with tourists, has few safe places to be in. Orlando and other major cities have to live high crime rate. Cities that they are ‘therefore’ preferred by people to live on, however, there are several small […]

An evening in Paris

Paris is a place adored by the tourist’s world over. It is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a holiday. Once you are in Paris you will find a new concept of enjoying your leisure time by visiting high class restaurants and many more attractions. The city attains a unique value […]


Religious Tourism  Pakistan is famous for shrines of great religious figures of the world. There are several places of great attraction in Pakistan for Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh. Gurdwaras at Nankana Shib and Hasanabdal are a great attraction for Sikhs all over the world. Then there are shrines of Sufis and Saints, which attracts a […]


In the Kalash culture Bashali or Bashalani which is also called as the women community home, enjoyed an important feature where the Kalash women spent nearly five days during the menstruation period and for three weeks on the delivery of the child.   Bashali is a simple ten to twelve feet long room with no furniture […]

Tourism: An Industry

Tourists are the people who travel for the sake of inquisitiveness, fun and adventure. They seek for pleasure and novelty of experience. Tourism is now a commercial venture rather we can call it a service industry. By a variety of services offered tourism is comprised of several allied activities such as tour operators and travel […]

Tourism and Jobs

The attraction in this business encompasses a lot of people to join and have fun as well. Travel jobs are categorized and a pretty wide range is present to accommodate a large number of people ambitious to have adventure in their lives. Some sort of high position jobs are also visible in this area; need […]