Childhood Education

Education has been one of the striking icons in the last century. Many organizations started taking essential steps for various types of education. United Nations established many sub regional offices in the under developed countries for the promotion of literacy rate in those areas. An up going graph of general awareness has been observed and found in overall population of the world. Striving countries have made a part of their budget specified for the promotion and establishment of educational steps. The educational programs have been started on different scales which cater the requirements and needs of that particular age group.

One of these educational categories is childhood education; one of the types which have been emphasized the most. Childhood education has been promoted through seminars, T.V programs, general education and the practical workshops. Most of the ENGEOs are spending their major focus on the early childhood education. This program caters a different kind of education which starts from the basic rules of leading life and involves the mental and physical nurturing under the light of literature. A child is thought to be a symbol of innocence and is said to be the most closely of nature. It is the time in an individual’s life where he paves the way of his future. The well taught children become noble citizens while children grown up away from the basic education turn in the terror for the approaching time. All bodies get food, all beings get sleep, all live in shelters but it is the education which makes difference among them.

Psychologically it is said and proved that childhood is the age where the complexes take deep roots in one’s personality. If this complex is not treated or robbed away through education, it turns into instinct and becomes a part of individual’s nature. This is the age if grown and treated well; the child becomes helpful hand to the state and vice versa.

The above mentioned facts are stated on highlighting how important role the childhood plays in a man’s life. So is the importance of childhood education. In the last five decades of the last century, a special awareness has been injected for childhood education.

There are no hard or fast syllabic rules for childhood learning. The childhood education starts at child’s home. Even he learns things which are not taught to him but are happening around him on the constant basis. He observes them, his mind records them and soon you will find him adopting them. The home atmosphere serves as a milieu for a child as the objects in the classroom. His nerves and receptors are too sharp and strong to get them on. Child psychology reveals that he is the most intelligent observer and the quickest learner. You often have experienced that the children who grow with the parent who always kept on shouting and rising loud bullying tones; get terrify and undergo a complex which takes their personality on a negative track and make them complex individuals with negative thoughts. On the other hand, a child grownup in the well developed and cultured family has a balance personality with the normal way of life.

So, finding it the most important constituent of a person’s education; childhood education has been especially focused in all the renowned and developed educational institutions. Unlike the previous trends where a child was taken to the school at the age of 5, and the poor soul had to combat with the printed books and notebooks on the very first day; now child is made familiar with the premises of school when he is able to communicate whether through words, actions or through signals. Special programs like kinder garden and Montessori are being run with the utmost care and attention. Every educational institution spends the major part in creating the special and required environment for these programs. Highly paid tutors are hired and the most attractive furniture is placed at the places where the kids are supposed to be brought.

The purpose of this entire scenario is not to make a child learn how to read or write. No, he is made familiar with the basic manners and is tempted to perform the activities in well carried way. The practical exhibition and personification of the deadly sins and virtues are repeated before them in order to enable them what and how do these affect human life.

They are made to learn rather acquire that their surrounding and environment is their friend and plays very important role in the healthy life they are leading. They find green souls their companion and love to plant as much as they can.

Childhood education must be made fun for the child rather than making it a procedure of law and punishment. The sole duty falls on the instructor and the educationist who has been given the responsibility of being around these souls. The same education can also spoil the personality of child and can make him play truant away from the school if is taught through ignorant minds and unpleasant attitudes. Today’s society of educationists is well aware of the fact; therefore new modes of education are being introduced. The use of AV ads and the tangible objects is made the maximum to make the education a casual activity for the child. New methodologies are being developed and tutors are also being educated on the treatment they should impart to the children.

Childhood education must turn a child into a learner rather than a student who simply feeds whatever is given to him.

The important thing to be remembered is to notice and care of this education as it must be well understood; your way and mode of teaching can make the child either a civilian or a criminal. The world is having a history of those individuals whose childhood fear came out in the elderly age and they took revenge from the world when they were in authority. So, making or spoiling of a life depends upon the type of education he is given in his childhood.

By Ammarah Khan


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