Chronic Liar

There are a lot of confusion when it understands what a chronic liar is, is. Why? As it often overlap with pathological liars. Your symptoms may be the same, but there is a world of difference between the two. Not that there’s a reason for their lies and not necessarily that I want to get attention. These types of liars still small, irrelevant and even to make big lie because lying has become their habit. They also really do not feel guilty or remorse for their lies. Therefore, they are also known as situational liars. They will do everything, but then refuse to make the stories behind their lies defect. So now we know the difference between the two, why do not we take a closer look at what is lying chronic?

Chronic liar Disorder

Where this term is still a little confusing to you, please let us more clearly. What does the word “chronic” mean? This means for a long time or continuously, as in chronic headaches or chronic back pain. Therefore, when we say “chronic lying” that will mean a person is lying for a long time and quite natural to them. Lie has become as much of their life, most often, their lies have become reality and like to live in it. For an individual, chronic lying starts at a very early stage, perhaps childhood. They are decorated in a particular environment, lying was necessary, and there is no other way for them. These people are cunning and manipulative in their ways. In fact, they are simply because their old habits and became a kind of mechanical to them. When asked about specific events or situations, their automatic response is a lie and it is very difficult for them to disclose.

Let us take an example to study the situation for a chronic liar. You know someone, a friend or family member and I happen to ask if he / she had dinner. Now, to really know whether that person for no apparent reason and it is so good that we are not even on site, here’s what to do. See if that persons really eat for dinner or not, and then that question, Then you find that person, what he said. Assuming that he / she do not eat dinner and after you asked the question, he / she goes out of his / her way to lie, so that stories develop along the path. That would be a sign for you. But let’s remind me are these types of skilled liars and can weave a web so dense that it is easy for anyone to catch them seriously.

Symptoms of chronic liar

As overlapping chronic compulsive lying pathological lying, compulsive liar, are quite similar. Show, however, their behavior and conduct certain characteristics and patterns. It is ‘therefore’ important to learn about their characteristics and symptoms.

It is depends on circumstances or events that they are wrong for some reason.

Even if it is a complete lie, they exaggerate the truth and a very different story.

You cannot remember their own lies that every time a new lie in the form of the same incident.

There may be differences in their lies because they cannot observe what they say whom.

chronic liar not to say the truth, or care to understand their meaning.

When their lies are refuted, they are defensive and non-verbal, to tell the truth.

These people make is the sympathy and attention from people around to win it.

their lies are to another person, the show, their stories are happier or more pathetic than their own designs.

As these people begin their lies a very early stage, it can be really, really hard to catch them in action. Often begin their lives revolve around their cover-up stories, they would have said in the past and what is up more lies to prove their innocence in this. Whether they talk about how well they end their lives or telling sob stories do not beat.

Treatment of chronic liar

Chronic lying hurts families, friends and all that comes in contact with them. Therefore, distance often people with chronic liar and do not have food for her acting all the time. Such people are alienated all left because I have things that remind not be needed. However, there are families and friends to help these people and find some kind of process they like.

The method of treatment can be complex and should not be taken without professional help. If the cause is due to some chronic mental illness is, then find a counselor or mental health specialist. The choice should be treated, by the individual and should not be forced upon them. To treat a person to believe at first that he / she is a chronic liar, otherwise there is no improvement. To learn more about treatment options, read the article on the Buzz treatment of compulsive liars.

Chronic lying is normal and there is no simple or indirect method to treat or cure. Therefore, if you know someone who is a chronic liar, it is best to not fall for their lies and not feeding their hunger, the stories of various incidents, or even people.

 By Taha Mateen


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