Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. Structurally it is long and rigid rope like consist of three polypeptide chains wound around each other. The he main function of collagen is to provide strength and support to our body parts like bones, ligaments, tendon, humor of eye and also our skin. There are many kinds of collagen according to there functions in the body. Any kind of disturbance in this protein leads to fatal consequences. Mutation in the gene causes the formation of altered collagen.  Which in turn cause several kinds of diseases? The list of diseases concerned with the collagen is very long but the most renowned disorders are scurvy, ehlers danlos syndrome and osteogenesis imperfect.

Scurvy is the disease in which the skin loses its elasticity and stiffness and become flaccid. The main reason for this disorder is the deficiency of oxygen and vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It is normally seen in elder people. The ehlers danlos syndrome results due to the absence of those enzymes which are necessary for the formation of collagen. It is also caused due to any mutation in collagen type l, ll, and lll. It results in fragile stretchy skin and loose joints. Osteogenesis imperfecta is known as the brittle bone disease in which the bones become soft and fracture easily. Bowing of long bones is also seen in this syndrome. Humped back is usually observed in this situation. As the bones become very soft and they become unable to bear the weight of the body. There are no special therapies or remedies for all these disorders related to collagen so precaution should be taken to avoid all these disorders by having healthy and fresh food. Drink a lot of water and also do exercise in fresh air. All these factors have healthy impact on our body.

Author; Umar Saleh.


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