Controlling Diabetes

The patients of diabetes would have to take certain precautions to keep it under control. It is relatively important to take maximum care by changing certain habits instead of going to some doctor in acute situations. Some of the precautions a patient can manage by himself and some other are not approachable. The time of medication should be managed strictly by the patient and a routine schedule would be maintained. A menu planner is very significant because the food that is taken has a direct effect on the blood glucose, body fat and overall health. The most important factor is to create a realistic diabetes diet plan. The insulin resistant patients have specific diabetic diet and food.

The patients should be careful about taking excessive fat diet at all. The foods containing sugar contents should be avoided, some food items contain sugar contents in different forms as well as food from starches like white rice or potato and white bread. White rice may spike blood sugar levels utmost high very quickly. The rise in sugar level in the blood is predicted by the glycemic index rating. For a diabetic patient taking simple starches like white rice may be harmful and should require proper planning.

 People with diabetes should try to understand the value of using the glycemic index and glycemic load concepts as vital tools for eating healthy.Extremly good choices of food will help to maintain the proper health. The planning of diabetic menu will keep the intake of food under certain quality of meals. This menu will contain a schedule for the day, week or month to be carried out good appetite functions properly. Some different options should be worked upon in order to change the taste value and not to be bored by the meals. The proper intake of calories will keep the track life better as a healthy person consumes 2000 calories in one day to ensure body functions properly whereas a diabetic person has to take an extra precaution to survive healthier. No chance should be taken that may bring any harm to existing health and results in the change or over dosing of medicines. A healthy and good life style is highly appreciated.

By Umar Saleh (315/10)


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