According to law of nature, change is constant in this universe. Every day begins with new circumstances and events take place, according to news bulletins we experience a lot of events occurring in the different parts of the world. No event is similar to each other and their place of occurrence is quite different rather we can say that no similarity is seen in the every day happenings. An unseen creativity is going on in a very silent mode. The life cycle is bringing changes moment to moments.

Sometimes we feel insecure and think of being weak and in some other moments we ought to be very strong because changes are also occurring in our innerself.Our thoughts are changing all the time, emotions, pleasant and unpleasant are falling and rising. The dreams while we are sleeping enter our consciousness and paint several pictures on the walls of our mind. It means some supernatural force is at work to create a process that is bringing a novelty all the time in this universe whether it is a thought, a feeling, a cloud, a wave or a sensation of love. Everything moves from nothing to something. All these happenings are a product of spirituality present in the crux of this universe.

This creativity is also visible in writing process because mind is a place of numerous thoughts which are not countable and the expression is always in a variety. The creative way can be managed by organizing the thoughts in an expression to write under certain arrangement. The creative writing springs out by creating a space in the mind to welcome the creative flow within. A way should be provided to inner freedom to explain whatever is present in original form and through this process the inner world would be more explicit and no doubt it will flow through the ideas and thoughts in an organized manner.


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