Sports and games are the most integral part of our life. Sports are being played at every level in Asia.  As it is directly related with our development and health. The game which is originally played is cricket in our country. The craze of this game is just increasing day by day. This game is very popular especially among the children as they start playing this game very soon just at the age of 6 or 7. To improve the cricket skills, clubs are made at every town. Due to which young people are provided a platform to fulfill their dreams by seeking more cricket skills. They do a lot of hard work as they are so much passionate about cricket.

Some people take this sport as a professional career. Cricket is an interesting game which makes people excited and crazy. Because it is an unpredictable game and we cannot say anything about the game until it ends. Except the good aspects of this game there are certain bad points too. In the greediness of money some cricketers do match fixing which is illegal and strictly prohibited. It is also against the rules and ethical values of this game. Some other problems are also created by the senior players as they have close relations with the management team. The managing team should take their responsibility very seriously as this game is a kind of religion for some people who have strong patriotic feelings. Cricketers should also play first for their country and then for themselves. New comers should also give a chance to prove themselves. A player should be mentally and physically fit to upload the stress of this game. Therefore cricket is amazing games which amuses and entertain all of us with its interesting down and falls.


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