Cultural Review

What is culture? We can define it as a collection of beliefs that represent the setup of values and moral laws for that specific culture. We see the culture of some particular area exposed to certain social prodigy and accordingly adopted specific beliefs that now influence their behavior as separate culture. Their knowledge and actions are blended under certain determination. All cultures have definite code of laws and moral ethics to practice accordingly. Their psychological preoccupation with certain norms defines their attitudes and social activities. They communicate under these influences and their knowledge and experience is an evidence of these social bindings.

 In different countries people behave according to their persistent social and cultural values and it differ from country to country and continent to continent. They have different moral laws and values which has shaped the society and traditions. The factor of history of that particular area contribute a lot, they have an effect of some incident or event taken place historically. Social and economic prospects play a central role in change of culture and social norms. Certain studies have shown an interesting transformation of culture with the change of economic conditions.However, the basic structure remain under that shadow. 

Religion plays a central role in occupation of cultural codes. The bindings launched by the religion directly rule that particular community and their understandings are diverted towards the set pattern of religion. If somewhere, Buddhism is being practiced their architecture and clothing will be directly inspired by that religion, the common public will appear in costumes of that areas beliefs whereas Islamic countries are emblem of Islamic culture exposition. Similarly if you watch a person from Tibet, he will be having a particular appearance and can be recognized soon and same is with American, his appearance will explain his belonging. The influence of culture is mould in which his personality get shaped.


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