Definition of Fashion

“Fashion” is accordingly defined in the dictionary; the existing mode in such things as is subject to change in form or style, as in pattern and manners, and especially in dress. Actually it’s a name given to the prevailing style of living between the high classes and the rich ones.                  

 Among the members of the smart set of any country’s elite such styles of houses, furniture’s, foods, and drinks, times of meals, amusements, polite customs, and especially dress, are “FASHIONABLE”. No one in society would dare to take his or her meals at unfashionable hours or furnish their rooms with unfashionable furniture, or adopt an unfamiliar hair style, or above all, wear clothes that were out of fashion. To do so would be considered strange or as people of that class would say quite impossible.                      

 Now days, fashion is necessary for every one, male and female both. We are living in a modern world where even we breathe in a FASHIONABLE way because we are followers of fashion class and we admire those who live in fashion & likes fashion. The media also plays a big role to set trends and makes the public crazy behind fashion and fashionable things.

 FASHION in all things is regularly changing. Certain games and amusements, styles of furniture, rules of etiquette, foods and drinks, every thing is falling in fashion. What was fashionable in the days of our parents and now no longer fashionable?  This is especially true of fashion concerning dress always means the latest or new fashion. One year late ladies dresses become short and the next year it changes into long ones. 

 Now, the popular, for example is blue, but in a few months, it may be pink or sea green or may be yellow, and some time after every one will be wearing black. A fashionable lady or a renowned super star or the rich personality will wear beautiful and expensive dress, she wore only once forever and after that she gave it to her maid because it has gone out of fashion anyway. Only well to do people can always be in the fashion.

 How can we account for those regular and rapid changes in fashion? They owe, partly to love of originality, and partly to what is called the nature.  The animals that live in herds or flocks (such as cattle, deer, and sheep) are in the habit of moving together and all doing the same thing at the same time. Now men are animals who live in societies and as per rule a men or a women feels uncomfortable, if he or she is not doing and wearing just what their equals in society are wearing and doing. So it shows that a fashion is must.

By Rehana Khan


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