Democracy is the most popular form of government in the modern times. An other familiar name of  Democracy is “Government by consent”. To quote Abraham Lincoln it is commonly defined as “Government of the people by the people and for the people”. in simple words it may be any scheme of government in which  the people are allowed to take part as a matter of right. It may be of two kinds direct and indirect. The indirect democracy is in vogue these days. It is also called representative democracy or government through representatives. Like all other systems it has some merits and demerits also.

Democracy has many merits. First it works for the betterment of the common man. Second it is based on equality. every citizen is thought to be equal to law. Third it allows the people the right to change the government through vote. Fourth it gives birth to a stable government because it reduces the danger of revolt. Fifth in democracy more importance is given to the education of man. It gives the people the sense of self help and responsibility.

Democracy has some demerits also. First it gives birth to party politics which destroys the liberty and individuality of the people. Second it is a very expensive form of government. Third moral values are ignored in democracy. Every thing is fair for winning the elections. Fourth bribery and corruption are the common abuses of democracy. Fifth it is an irresponsible and inefficient sort of government. The elected people are usually ignorant of their responsibilities. Islamic concept of democracy is different from the modern concept of democracy. First in Islam authority lies in God and not in the people. Second the government is there not to please the people but to enforce the orders of God. Third there is no party politics in Islamic concept of democracy. Fourth quality and not quantity is given more importance in the election or selection of representatives.

Modern democracy can be improved if we run it on the lines given by Islam, then it can bring real peace and justice in the world. It is then that we may call it the best form of government.

By Iram Shahzadi


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