Democracy in Pakistan

In political terms democracy is a state of government where every citizen has freedom of speech, thought and liberty of action on personal scale. This is a government of people, by people and for people. The basic duty of such a government is to keep the rights of its citizens at top priority and is considered to be responsible for the economic, social and educational states of its people.  None of the government member can be free of the assigned responsibilities. Every member feels the pain of the disaster and sufferings faced by common people. This is an ideal state of democracy.

As far as democracy in Pakistan is concerned; famous literary writer Ahmad Shah Pitras Bukhari defines it as a government off people, buy people and far people. Unfortunately Pakistan has been facing the worst of democracy where it has not established even for one day in its true sense. Every government keeps the slogan alive “Restore Democracy” and sees it dying in its own reign. If we divide the life of Pakistan in decades; we will find the hounds of martial law hovering the seeds of democracy from the very 1st day. Democracy brings constitutional liberalism everywhere but it does not bring any change in Pakistan rather it has always opened the doors to the military rule. Here a man is deprived of the basic human rights and under the name of so called democracy; every government has been playing a melodrama of conducting “Fair Elections”.

What have we got from our democratic government? We can get a line down the worst crisis. Our state governed by US, drone attacks in the name of Taliban, Callous suicide attacks, heavy taxes, chaotic load shedding, ever increasing unemployment, increase of murders, the nation’s army busy in war with its own people, corrupt government with its greedy ministers busy in attending the talk shows for bullying and taunts. Political parties are ever busy in throwing mud of blames upon others. Provinces are taken as personal property and every act of illegal violation is seen.

Wonders? Not at all; because the story does not end here because the pain grows with the numbness when you will find no sympathy by any of the government or its members. No regret at the drone attacks, no protest by our government till the aid is fed.

How horrible of a democratic government! The first priority of a democratic state is the safety of its people and the defense of the state. And our democratic government reserves the part of its army assisting the attacks by the foreign elements. The opening of the doors for the US army has brought frustration and led to the increased violation among people. When the killing of people is done without any reason, their children are brought to death by the air bombarded raid and the government announces that it has succeeded in finishing another gang of terrorists.

How can democracy be established in such a country like Pakistan which has lost its independence and sovereignty. Here can be no democracy, no liberalization, no personal freedom and no dignity of the state among the world of nations. Here elections are vexed, votes are auctioned and the bazaars of corruption are run by the corrupt people. What can be the worst if the elected government by the people brings the causes for the poverty of people? Elections are thought to be an important step in the establishment of democracy but for the fair conduction of elections, it is necessary for a state to be independent.

 With the exit of every General, people thought that they are going to be relaxed but alas the illusions always had been turning into delusions. The most unfortunate fact has been that all elected members are illiterate and own fake degrees. The ironic but true is that the most needed element for the establishment of democracy in Pakistan is the true mode of education.

With the exit of long tenure of General  Musharraf, people had a sigh of relief that now perhaps a free democratic state will be on its track. The murder of Benazir in itself is a big question mark on the face of Pakistani democracy.

No doubt, the state has also credited some of the positive element. Being an atomic power is one of them.

The important thing is to note that these four years had been worst in the destination. The total number of suicide attacks has been four times greater as compared to the attacks from since Pakistan came into being. The load shedding has been the worst. The violent and panic people are ready to fire all members of their democratic government.

The democracy allows and gives the liberty of protest to common people if they are in pain on one or the other act of the government. Pakistani democratic government throws shelling and tears gas even on the participants of a peaceful walk or protest.

Law which is thought to be an important pillar of any state is in pathetic condition. There is no one to ask a policeman for maltreatment of any citizen which has been a symbolic of police department. Police is the word by which a street man is threatened. People consider themselves highly unsafe when in any matter; they need the help of a policeman. These are the common and significant aspects of democracy in Pakistan.

European countries do have examples where a prime minister resigns for 2 hours load shedding. Indian foreign minister withdraws from his seat when being charged for corruption.  

And here Pakistani ministers are busy in bullying when dengue is taking the lives of people callously. Every year flood sweeps away the lives of hundreds of people and those who are left are on the mercy of their government. And their government has more important issues to face than to think about them. Today Pakistan is ranked among 5 top unsecure countries where neither property nor the life of a man is safe and this fact is sufficient to reflect the condition of Pakistani democracy.

By: Ammarah Khan


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