Democracy is the most popular, successful and effective kind of government of this age. It is a type of government in which public will is expressed. So we can say that democracy is a type of government which is for the people and by the people. It is the modern type of government. The dictum, some are born to rule and others to obey is now rejected. It is a type of government in which a specific mechanism is required. With the help of voting public choose their representatives whom they like to make their leader.

There are so many other political parties in a democratic country. They act as the opposition party in the assembly against the selected party. The party which will win the maximum of votes will form the government. The rest of the parties will sit in the Legislative assembly and discuss the important and vital issues of the country. In a democratic country people select their own rulers.

If the elected party do not serve well then they will not be elected next time. It means that in democratic system the power is always remains in the hands of public. They have all the rights to take decision and opinions. In a democratic country people enjoy the freedom of thought, action and speech. The media and press are also free to comment. As they give the awareness to the people about the deeds of the leaders. So in a civil society democracy is the guardian of equality, liberty and fundamental rights of the people. It makes all the people to take interest in national affairs and to feel the sense of participation and responsibility.


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