Dengue Fever prevention

Dengue fever is caused by biting of mosquito which has white spots on his body. This mosquito bites usually in the day time and it grow both in clean water present everywhere such as tubs, tires, rain water as well as in dirt containing water. A research conducted in agricultural university reveals that this dengue fever is caused by a special kind of mosquito specie called Aeded Aibopictus and Aedes Aegypti.

Symptoms of Dengue fever:

Usually the patients of dengue fever have following symptoms.

  • Pain in full body
  • Nausea
  • High temperature
  • Flu
  • Muscular fatigue
  • Appearance of red spots on the body etc

How to overcome this disease:

Worldwide researches prove that only the usage of chemicals is not the only solution for these kinds of mosquitoes. The correct treatment to getting rid of this harmful specie of mosquito is called as Integrated Mosquito Management Program (IMMP). The abundant use of chemical disinfectants made these mosquitoes resistant towards these chemical. Also, these disinfectants work very little in the areas containing large amount of garbage and water. We can save ourselves from this fatal fever by following these precautions measures.

  1. Removing all types of garbage, present in the surroundings of our houses and colonies,
  2. We should educate people about the dangerous side effects and treatments of this fever,
  3. Spraying of disinfectant in our houses, around under constructed buildings,
  4. By using mosquito repellent lotions,
  5. Banning the use of plastic bags,
  6. Using chemical mosquito nets during sleeping,
  7. Try to clean your surroundings,
  8. Avoiding pollutions,
  9. Avoids mosquito,

10.  Use mosquito repellent coils and lotions,

11.  Removes garbage from your localities,

12.  All the educational institutes must use precaution measures in their surrounding and must use phenyl and mosquito repellent sprays in their classrooms and bathrooms.

13.   Animal breeders must ensure full cleanness in their breeding centers.

14.  Those people who has cows, goats and buffaloes in their houses, must clean the places of animals properly and do not allow any sort of water standing in the dumps.

Remember, we can only save ourselves from dengue fever if we maintain proper cleaning and improve sanitary conditions in our surroundings.

By Anam Shahbaz


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