Diabetes is spreading widely now a day, it is always important to control it. There are so many ways to keep it normal or under control. To manage diabetes usually it is advisable to get proper medicine from a specialist rather some people try to get it from open market without any prescription. The cost of medicine is not so high apperantly, yet some special medications are high priced. If somebody has to move away from home or on a trip, the medicine should be with him. The availability of insulin pen is the essential item to carry whereas it does not need to be refrigerated. The other main thing you should ensure to take with is test strips. If you are carrying monitoring equipment then check the batteries must be fully charged or carry some extra batteries in case of an extended stay.

By having diabetes it is not so good to eat food from a restaurant, a careful selection of food must be furnished, read the ingredients and try to take food of low calories. The vegetables are allowed, it will be a good choice to take salads and green leafs. Try to take your meal slowly and never go for over eating. The excessive eating may disturb the disease level.

Never allow diabetes to control your life, as far as the care is concerned, let you control it by taking strict measures of diet control. Self education is required in this case to bring self control in your life. Try to get your feet checked continuously; there may be some sort of problems due to poor circulation. Soon after taking bath examine your feet with a mirror. A little exercise is much significant to take regularly. The better preventions will help to fight against it.


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