Dignity of labour

Work is essential for man. It is a blessing .It is one of the precious privileges. Work is an integral part of life. Without it life is deprived of its substance and character.
Work gives us happiness and internal satisfaction. It banishes vice and poverty from life. Work according to Carlyle, is the grand curl of all the maladies that beset mankind. It is the key to all progress, work is life, and idleness is death.

The prosperity of any nation depends on the work of the people, there. If they remain like lotus-eaters, no nation can progress or achieve anything remarkable. The prosperity achieved by nations like Japan bears out this,. No pains, no gains.

All kind of work deserves our respect. But there are a number of people who consider some kinds of work ignorable and inferior. The work of a farmer is much more important than that of teachers. The reason behind is that if the farmer don not work, we Shall not get food-stuff. If street cleaner do not work, life in cities and towns will become difficult.” it does not disgrace a gentleman” says Ruskin, “to become an errand boy or a day laborers, but it disgraces him most to become a knave and a thief.”

Several eminent men have recognized the dignity of all work Spinoza, famous philosopher on the continent, earned his livelihood by grinding and polishing the lenses of spectaculars, telescopes and microscope Francis Thomson, famous English poet, kept body and soul together by selling matches and polishing shoes.

He prefers doing work while on begging. Quaid e azam the greatest Pakistani of the twentieth century did even the work of a lawyer. We feel shy doing any work that is below our dignity.
It is essential for our young men and women to recognize the dignity of labour. Most of them prefer white collar jobs to manual labour. Parents should inculcate in the minds of their children the dignity of labour. Manual work gives an opportunity to all who wish to take part in the government. We should look up to the worker who earns his livelihood by the sweat of his brow. Our liberator Quad e azam was the great advocate of work. His motto was
“Work, work and work.”

By hina nisar (288/10)


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