Domestic Violence

In under developed countries domestic violence rate is much high, yet it is normally conducted behind the doors so it’s always hard to find the right figures. Women are mainly victim of this act and they try to hide the truth at large. Sometimes women over through this abusive situation and disclose the inner story to surrounding people and strive to protest against this violence. This act brings a lot of difficulties for a woman living in a male dominant society.

The domestic violence can be anywhere; it cannot be possible in a specific circle, such as it can happen in wealthy and educated families also. We have traces of this violence in poor localities at large. Simply in United States, in every eight to twelve seconds a woman is beaten by a man and four to five women daily are beaten to death and a large percentage of women are likely to be brutalized by husbands or inmate partners. Statistics shows that domestic violence is not restricted to educational, racial or religious boundaries and it has nothing to do with socioeconomic conditions.

Domestic violence occurs mainly due to relationships showing violence in the form of father or step father, step mothers and elder brother’s attitudes thus producing abusive members who have witnessed them all the way. The other domestic violence elements are jealousy and emotional immaturity. The stuff available in magazines and videos provides a disrespectful picture of women just needed for sex. The recent development of internet sites showing women to work as sex slaves has brought a violent attitude while this element has also brought a shameless behavior in practice.

This is also called a social problem occurring in almost every part of world. Islam has given maximum respect to women by elevating them religiously in society. A maximum respect is represented for mothers and sisters. Islam allows to get share in property thus providing financial benefit along with moral elevation all the way.    

By Umar Saleh


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