Dual Core Dedicated Servers

The system performance can be increased by server governing technology due to combination of two independent processors and their caches under a single processor chip. The much faster rate can be achieved by the processor to manage multiple threads simultaneously. On the other hand it minimizes lag time while running more than one application and it enormously increases multitasking computing power as well.

The significance of a dual core dedicated server can initialize increased performance such as 64-bit computing for intensive data applications and widespread workloads. It will result in;

  1. Increased Memory; Due to 32GB memory capacity a much larger processing of data can be achieved and it will improve memory reliability and availability.
  2. Increased Storage; We can find up to 600GB Serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives that allows higher capacities of flexibility, availability as well as performance accordingly.
  3. Increased Reliability; Due to the availability of Buffered DIMMs, there is frequent increase in capacity, reliability, bandwidth and along with memory. The presence of advanced features of error check provides enhanced security and advanced redundancy altogether. On the other hand memory access bottlenecks are removed accordingly.
  4. Improved Scalability; while using dual core dedicated servers you will be provided with more options and it will become a better choice for the websites which are expecting to enhance a large growth in traffic as well. If there is a sudden flow in the traffic the website may slow down and it will be prevented by splitting the load to two or more servers accordingly. This will ensure high performance of website all the way.
  5. Increased Throughput; Due to higher bandwidth between the chipset will increase the efficiency because of the dual independent buses.
  6. Reduced Cost; There will be a minimized cost factor due to the reduction of second physical processor,  because the dual-core chip is considered to be the single processor. The licensing cost will also be reduced.

By Umar Saleh


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