Ducks as pets

Ducks are quite reasonable pets to be kept in houses or in farm houses. The decision to get what sort of ducks will be entirely depending upon your choice any way. To get the ducks you will have to contact different hatcheries where hundreds of ducks will be available to be selected and purchased. Some farms also offer to supply ducks and for this you will have to travel to rural areas where these farms are situated. Sometimes in local market ducks are available on the pet shops or pet dealers can arrange for you, as well.

The purchasing period recommended is start or middle of spring season because it is an ideal time to raise ducks due the ideal temperature and weather most suitable to them. To consult an avian veterinarian before going to purchase is fully recommended because in the case of emergency you would not be rushing to find a veterinarian yet you can consult the same person. Another important thing is checking of health of the ducks before bring to home. If some affected duck enters into your house it may bring disease virus within and thus causing other ducks to be infected accordingly.

Always try to buy healthy, energetic and lively ducks with normal eat and drink habits. They will have a proper place provided for their movement and pool arrangement. Soon after that you will need to make a brooder. Providing a proper place for brooder near living rooms is recommended and in this way you will be able to raise the ducklings.

The ducks raising is an extra ordinary experience while they are pets so you will have an experience of interesting activity going on in your routine life. Soon they will recognize you and follow you as their guardian and just chirping loudly for your absence.         

By Umar Saleh


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