Eco-friendly travel

Drag your equipment before you go smaller. Microwave, plasma TV, sitting and chargers draw date as pointless. Computers, printers and office machines may be turned off to save power. Turn off heating, air conditioning to the lowest settings. Turn the water heater setting saves energy. Install timers on lights for safety. Call the editor and hold the paper delivery. A collection of newspapers is a sign no one is home.

Eco-friendly travels another way to go green. Planning a holiday, public transport, like a plane or bus, the environment has benefited. Rail travel is a great way to get more of the country, as you see travel to your destination. If you choose to fly, book a direct flight rather than change trains several times. Aircraft use more fuel when the takeoff and landing. If you drive, take a vehicle large enough for several people. Cruise control with gas, you save because the car is set at a constant speed limit and eliminating the need for braking and acceleration.

Pack to get a digital camera through those images. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones to save landfill. Throw in some reusable bags, bags for carrying your purchases. Add a bottle of water that can fill you instead of buying bottled water.

Instead of buying packages travel size pack of toilet you already have in your container. Biodegradable detergent package are for washing their clothes. If you are traveling on public transport, packing only what you need. If you do, you have room for souvenirs of your trip. Buying pre-packaged products to be added to the Recycle Bin on the environment.

 Choosing a green hotel or resort is an important component of environmentally friendly travel. To save on hotel linen reuse towels. In shorter showers saves water. Take the stairs instead of elevators to save power. If some of the activities planned are a few steps, you will benefit from the exercise. If you need to rent a car, rent a hybrid.

While you are on vacation, to support the local economy by eating in restaurants locally owned, not well-known chains. Shopping Souvenir Shop will be revenue for the city you are visiting. A visit to the Farmers Market to support local farmers and the food industry is better. You can buy fruit and vegetables to eat during the day.
Visiting outdoor attractions are a fun holiday. Parks, state parks and other attractions are organic. Make sure you dispose of waste in appropriate locations.

Eco-friendly travel, save money and reduce your carbon footprint left behind.

 By Taha Mateen


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