Everyone, when he was a victim?

When I looked in the mirror this morning, sees a victim back to me. No, not that I unfortunate target of a killer, but in the sense that future violations could be explained away from me by some of my past events. With this definition, I would be a victim.

We should celebrate more uncomfortable that our larger society, a culture of victimization seems – where evil acts are minimized by their criminal past. If this is the need to fill 24 hour news channels with salacious and intrusive investigations of the rich, which is used stoked to be considered “private”, is open to debate.

In the movie Hannibal Rising, the audience to a younger, Internet Hannibal “not a cannibal” Lecter treated. It appears that meat-eating monster Silence of the Lambs procedures expressed in his folly, because of a traumatic childhood.

She recalls the note by the teacher in our hands all the little narrow schooling. We felt safe from any punishment as long as I note from a parent says: “Excuse me Johnny or Jane ….”

We live in society increasingly questionable excuses, often criminal behavior by some as a permanent note of the teacher – always counted our chest. It is our battle cry of the new millennium to be “not my fault?”

Even a quick glance at recent news is enough to illustrate this point. Let’s review.

An astronaut drives 900 miles in diapers to pepper spray a romantic rival in an audition with kidnapping, murder or a “chat”. They join their colleagues in that they are suffering from trauma or unknown undetected could cause these actions. Even before the facts have not apologize already been launched in orbit.

An IBM employee is dismissed in court in White Plains federal court for $ 6,000,000. He argues that the reason he visited an adult chat room from his job was on post-traumatic stress from Vietnam experience 1969th

Case of 15, Shawn Hornbeck is a prime example of our new detention attempt to cast blame or no one. It seems Hornbeck had ample opportunity to escape his captors and even less in the kidnapping of a young boy helped.

Protected from censure by the horrible circumstances of his first abduction and his youth expressed, Hornbeck case lengths to which we are a culture of sacrifice – willing to excuse any behavior, so long as a circumstance possible basis for new device are locks in an effort to guilt, stupidity or just immaturity to distract.

We all have to sleep on a wave of reports of teachers have been disturbed by underage students. Some notorious cases have attributed to minor punishment by the judiciary – particularly when the teacher is female. In many cases, the offending teacher is described as “bipolar” and unable to curb their impulses. It is not their fault.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “He who is good for excuses is seldom good for anything else.” This small core of wisdom came from another era – one in which personal responsibility, individual morality and self-censorship were both encouraged and expected.

When a people’s confidence that the community can live in them not to regulate or punish behavior lose – then the future is wide open – if not all bright

A lack of punishment, moral test leads to a culture of tolerance, where much of the behavior ex post facto excuse will be tolerated. It’s more like the absolutely no rules. While it may be progressive a society is seen as damage control, there’s no such thing as the pendulum too far in the direction of forgiveness and redemption without suffering personal journey – the admission of faults and failures.

Nowhere in our history celebrated personal responsibility as well as our colonial heritage. Both men and women had it all – and often nothing – behind and a new country, only with the knowledge that triumph or tragedy would be to make their own.

Success and failure in life is more than the purchase of assets. A personal success could be viewed on the skills with pride, but also a property of the defects and any of their own sins.

It would be desirable for a person to find unapologetically bad – has opinions, behaviors, and actions and – if caught – they do not take responsibility for what?

In another era, comedian Flip Wilson would say, “The devil made me do it.” The difference between his and our time is that – serious he was – in his case.

I quote another wise man, stood up and said, Popeye, “I am what I y’am y’am!”

 By Taha Mateen


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