Executive MBA

Executive MBA is a course designed for experienced managers and professionals who have several years of experience in practical field. The course study encompasses the study operating the real business situations. The featured study is focused upon case-studies and case methods as normal course line. The purpose of certain studies is to train the students in practical skills and solution findings of real management problems. This program combine study with professional work altogether.

It is also called integrated and wide scope of business. This is a purposeful program to teach the students about leadership skills and functional management of a business venture thus developing the structure of company’s expansion plans. The particular abilities are focused to enhance a new method of practical advancement.

This program also develops the students to restructure their experience. The usage of fundamental knowledge by applying advanced strategic system in functional areas of the management of a company. This program duration comprises a very short period system so for this purpose a modular training system is used rather trainees remain working without having daily routine studies; they schedule a time frame and meet on required stages. A process of communication remains active between them to follow the course frame work. The micro groups are developed and specific tutors help their students to work accordingly.      

The use of active teaching methodology is applied in this system because the students are not fresh or inexperience rather they have a relevant experience and skills helping them to move ahead for further excellence. Combination of work with the studies is the main feature of this program and this program is successfully working since decades. About 60 years back Chicago University was the first to launch this program. This program set new educational avenue for the professionals to excel in their particular field and get advanced strategic knowledge to move ahead.

 By Umar Saleh


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