Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a common experience, almost every person, doing any sort of work has a fear in his mind whether his job remains stable or not or what will happen next day? Business men all the time worried of getting profits; the fear of loss keeps them in unrest. Students do have the fear of being not successful. Stock exchange people are afraid of their share prices decline. Fear of failure rules the majority of people and affects their lives tremendously. Here a basic question arises that how can we overcome this feeling and prepare ourselves with a positivism of being successful.

One should know that he himself is the architect of his life; he should have the courage to evaluate himself and try to explore the positive points on ground realities. When he will think likewise the things will be shining clear in front of him. Before taking any decision, if its failure consequences are taken into consideration, half of the fear will diminish abruptly. Everything in our life is due to our own existence, so the decisions good or bad cannot stop our entire life in process. It is true that so many adversities may occur in our life due to some weak or wrong decision however still a potential chance of being successful remains valid. The right step taken in right direction on right time may bring best results rather our every step may not be on right time or right direction. So life will be an emblem or mixture of bad and good decisions, its beauty lies in this setup, so trying hard is always the key to open a door of success.


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