Fun Games Safety at Work

Safety at work must be well informing about security of the utmost importance and your employees. Mere signs and brochures serve no other purpose in times of need. To ensure absolute safety of your employees are their training decisive for the same thing. Traditional safety drills are boring and hardly participants to pay attention. Many do not remember even leaving even basic information on the room. Is this activity; including most fun games an enjoyable workplace safety? Interactive games keep the audience engaged and security is a good lesson in disguise.

The best game play safety

Role Play
Most of your employees are familiar with role-playing, it will not last long. You want to learn from an idea into a safe play some important rules in a playful way. Share your employees into groups of five or ten. Maintains several emergency scenarios are fire, earthquake, and theft and so on. Handout a theme for each team and give them an hour to prepare a sketch about five minutes. Group that comes with the most appropriate solution through their satire, the team will win.

Treasure Hunt
All of us have played treasure hunt at one time or another. However, it makes a fun game is certainly more interesting. Create a hypothetical emergency as an evacuation. Your employees divided into teams. Each team’s ultimate goal is to escape, but there are a few clauses. Give each team a reference to the game that leads to start the next note. Each Note will instruct the player with the proper disposal of drilling. First team until the end will be the clear winner.

Backup music
A catchy tune is unconsciously reminded of each individual. Even before knowing the words, you will be humming the tune. Use this music to a safe and enjoyable design. Have teams and give each team an emergency. Everyone needs to write a song that sings the safety instructions. While the texts of the importance of security, the sound will remain with them forever. This act is the perfect way to go about the most boring lessons learned from the security!

Lesson Plans
Participation in a mundane session on safe returns nothing. Each employee is about being a pastime to be copying. To learn a valuable lesson people, ask their own safety lesson plan design. Divide into teams and asked them for their own signs, safety slogans and educational material for other security design lessons. This research is done on the complexity of the safety drills and lead to a better understanding. These games are also excellent tools for team building at work.


They were fun games workplace safety. Interactive and participatory nature of these games makes them worth playing. Another advantage of using such a game that brings to team building. They show a person and leadership qualities. Fun Safety Games are definitely a must for organizations which have a safe environment, a friendly and healthy working conditions have target

Slogans, punch lines and tag lines are something that will always be with us. This is because they are catchy, short, simple, and make a point, at least words. This game certainly has made every team to advertise a security product, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen masks, etc., with a jungle full of life and draws attention to slogans. This will stretch their imagination and provide a safe exercise of a visit. The team that best makes the winner!

By Taha Mateen


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